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Like Bird Shit

There were five of them living in the house at the time, two to a room and one to the living room. It wasn’t built for more than two or three people, and their excess lived on the closet that was their floor. 2,619 more words


Day 2 / 30

Forgive me for not doing anything today. Well day 2 is technically yesterday and I did learn something yesterday so not all hope is lost. Today I cooked 2 meals for lunch and dinner so I’ve got that going for me which is nice. 215 more words


My Forlone Trip

So two days ago, no more exams, so I was planning on going outside for once. So from the start, I was playing dotes till around 1 pm. 1,556 more words


Rich people problems 3

He was at the office for a couple hours and needed a massage therapist to come in and give him a massage before lunch. He had an old sports injury that was “acting up”. 76 more words

Rich people problems 2

I was eating my PBJ sandwich and he said “I had to go out to eat every day at lunch this week for business. It was such an inconvenience and I only got 40.00 a day for lunch” 43 more words

Look out below!

I’m playing Minecraft multiplayer and I’m chasing a guy with a chain mail helmet and I just keep following him when suddenly my health bar goes down a notch, so I keep going round a house turn around and… there is a guy in an iron helmet, a gold chestplate and leather leggings carrying a stone sword. 39 more words



So the last stack has been popped. I’m free of exam now however the road is still long and this is just a brief rest. After doing the Econs, I’m probably going to SU it since I’ve left a couple of points blank because I didn’t know the answer or I have no time. 935 more words