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“If we win today I’ll run ten laps around the pool carrying you princess style.”


Based on the legendary skit from the Free!

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It’s a strange thing
The way you make me feel

One touch
Was all it took

I promised not to love you
I promised we’d just be friends… 60 more words


Riding the Mini-Bus

Here’s a few photos about what it looks like to ride in one of Guyana’s mini-buses. These photos were taken last Saturday morning after my three roommates and I were transporting ten boys from the swimming pool in downtown Georgetown to the orphanage thirty minutes away. 104 more words


rinharu parallels: episode 12 + pink and blue ↴

Pink: This color represents compassion, nurturing and love. It
relates to unconditional love and understanding, and the giving…
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Project #2 - Post #3 - Debriefing

So it is now a few days after Project 2′s broadcast and I’ve taken it upon myself to give the program a listen.

Out of the groups aired on the broadcast I have to say that Group two did exceptional. 298 more words

The Wasteland Dreamworld

A human with a deep memory is always an echo chamber for personal pain.


To close ones eyes and see the past so crisply is sort of like time travel were nothing you do, even though you could wish it different, changes a thing.

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October 15, 2014


  1. Pisces
  2. Virgo
     Chestnut rice
  3. Scorpio
     High quality green tea
  4. Taurus
     Newest spot…
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