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Forgive me for being gone sometime! I just started work again so with work, babysitting and trying to get all my things done before school start again is pretty hard! 218 more words


nothing changes

Shadow always had high hopes for haircuts, but they never lived up to his expectations. After every haircut he looked more or less the same, only with shorter hair.

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I'll Do It Tomorrow...

I am most probably the biggest procrastinator known to man. I think everyone is at some point in their lives.

If I could leave something to the last minute then I will leave it to the last minute. 349 more words


“Pakamatay ka na lang.”
(Just kill yourself.)

Jokingly I might have taken it better, but when you’re a depressed teenager just looking for someone to talk to — or, you know, someone who’d just…

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365 Days

That fleeting quiet world, and the tenth day

The sky was beautiful today.

Right after we got kicked out of the library (it closes at 6PM, so technically we just had to leave, but hey, I wanna use that phrase), we decided to walk around and ended up at the Entrepreneurship Building, to the farther corners of the university. 520 more words

365 Days

(008), and keep this a secret, eh?

Sometimes I wonder how things would have turned out if I never met Julius John or ALA, and these are just a few of the things I can come up with. 315 more words

365 Days

Day 247: Happy 4th of July!

Though, apparently, we’re 2 days late in our celebrations… but I guess happy 2nd of July doesn’t quite roll off the tongue in the same way.

365 Day Project