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you can take the girl out of wow, but you can't take the wow out of the girl.

So look at this, 5am and I’m going to bed. While it didn’t help that I slept for a good chunk of the afternoon into the early evening because, a couple of hours after waking up the first time I wasn’t satisfied that I’d got enough sleep. 551 more words


nothing left to waste.

Money is tight at the best of times and even in months where I’m a little more flush, I still try to monitor what I haplessly throw my funds at according to where it sits in the Wants/Needs scale. 624 more words


post-surgery, day seven: there's no place like home.

Back in my own bed, with the laptop connected to my own WiFi that can stream 1080p video with nary a flinch, but with the laptop itself resting on my lap, the fan occasionally overheating one small area of thigh under the duvet. 889 more words


post-surgery, day six: floodgates.

Right, here goes. Going to try my first wee i. in a week and ii. ever with the new toolkit. This would make an excellent last tweet ever.

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post-surgery, day four: def. con. one.

Careful Now: Graphic depictions of blood and toilet-use, as tenderly described as possible but still… Probably best not enjoyed over breakfast.

This morning I stood up.

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post-surgery, day three: bedsores and broomsticks.

I spent an uncomfortable amount of time sitting in a patch of dampness this morning while the nurses attended to another three (admittedly older and therefore needier) ladies before me and my natural, youthful vigour. 288 more words


post-surgery, day two: blood and thunder.

Yesterday the surgeon came round to visit me to tell me the procedure went fine and that I looked to be doing okay, allowed me to sit up and even said I could sleep on my side, which would alleviate my problems dozing off in one fell swoop, I find it nigh impossible to get to sleep on my back. 392 more words