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The A to Z of Me ... NEW POST

Hey! I have a new blog post called “The A to Z of Me” which I saw on Sprinkle of Glitter’s blog. Who I love. :) 48 more words

What Is 'ASMR'?

I have a new blog post! “What in the world is ‘ASMR’?” About my ASMR Youtube channel and the ASMR community. Give it a read, go on. 47 more words

Chef is Easy, Chapter 4: Hello Computer

Chef makes creating per-host config files easy

Have you ever had to manage a large number of servers that were almost identical, except that each one had to have some host-specific information in some config file somewhere? 1,736 more words


Welcome to my blog! Let's see how long I keep this up for.

If you’re reading this, then HEY and welcome! So, I want to change my ways. I finish university in a few months, gonna enter the big wide world and I’m nowhere near ready. 348 more words