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hilarity ensues.

Today’s main activity: Trying to get an “hilarious” picture of wee Emily perusing the cocktail list (because that’s totally never been done before, ever) and she spoils every one before trying to eat the menu.

Aaah *wipes eyes* kids.


kill your television

As if to entirely defeat the object of Netflix, I’m exceptionally, maybe even fashionably late to the party for finishing the second season of Orange Is The New Black. 257 more words


black sky at night, that means it's night.

The three-weekly night shift at work is tonight, so rather than being comfortably sat up in bed with a mug of fennel tea while writing this, I’m in a supermarket staff canteen on my own, eating Thai Sweet Chilli crisps at midnight while what appears to be an episode of Two And A Half Men plays on a television with no remote control. 86 more words


laugh in the face of authority and break all the rules!

There it went, a weekend spent without booze (if you don’t count Friday) and yes I was tempted. At work for both days amongst three aisles of alcohol covering ask the colours of the rainbow in all kinds of fancy bottles. 393 more words


final wash.

My washing machine died today. To be fair, I’ve had it for ten years without a service or even cleaning, so I started anticipating it breaking down about four years ago. 134 more words