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Some art and facts corner - Myna

Myna is a bird of the starling family, native to Southern Asia, especially India, but now is very widespread thanks to introduction to other areas around the world. 213 more words


A Scent of Wet Fur (Haiku - Tanka)

a scent of wet fur – /
amid white puffs of vapor – /
hot springs at dawn //

hot springs in winter – / 244 more words

Art on Tuesday: Rainy Season

From the beginning of June to the middle of July it is rainy season in Japan, it is called tsuyu 梅雨, literally meaning plum rain. Although it is not always comfortable to be outside, there are some nice paintings showing the rain from an artist’s perspective. 32 more words


Art on Tuesday: Lotus

The lotus flower is not only decorative, but a very important symbol. It is to be seen in the ukiyo-e of the Japanese painter Ohara Kôson (1877-1945) very often. 329 more words