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Ohio Political Fight Club: Mandel and Pillich

Since the Ohio governor’s race is such a snooze-fest, it’s time to move on to a more exciting, raucous, energy-fueled political competition – that of Ohio Treasurer. 1,484 more words

Ohio Astrology

Saturn in Sagittarius FAQ

Dear Sagittarians, please sit down.

A little over two years ago Scorpios had to sit down for “the talk.” Now it’s your turn.

In just a few months at the end of December, Saturn, the great taskmaster, is visiting your sign. 1,212 more words

Ohio Astrology

Sagittarian Satirists

Satirists, like all professions, draw all signs of the zodiac who then put their particular energy into the profession.

Some professions, like medical doctors, evoke images that come to us through myth, history and television. 1,949 more words

Ohio Astrology

Ohio Political Fight Club: Ohio is Crying

For the last three days, Ohioans have been crying. You’ll find them under trees, in parks, stopped at the side of the road – crying. 1,021 more words

Ohio Astrology

The Virgo Litterbox

On Labor Day, I stopped at the pet store to get some cat litter. It’s America, stores are open almost all holidays so why not? I followed a dog into the store that was much happier to be there than me (probably because he doesn’t have to pay). 908 more words

Ohio Astrology

The Comcast Family

When I tell people that I no longer care to pay for television, they immediately respond with the varying options available to me in my market. 1,583 more words

Ohio Astrology

Good Planet, Bad Planet

Over a hearty but greasy breakfast, a friend and I discussed our Jupiter returns (in Cancer, surprise) and that it wasn’t quite what we expected. With Jupiter, you expect some mighty fine stuff to happen. 580 more words

Ohio Astrology