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Happy Taurus, I Mean Easter

This is a rare year when Easter, which normally occurs in the sign of Aries, occurs in the sign of Taurus. Welcome Taurus.

Easter imagery is very much Aries with re-birth, opening the windows to allow fresh air in, hyperactive hopping bunnies (very Aries), sugar overdoses and a clear shutting of the door on old man winter. 348 more words

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Hitchcock's Blondes

If you are a fan of Alfred Hitchcock movies, you are aware that he preferred his leading ladies to be blonde.

At the beginning of the HBO movie… 1,437 more words

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April 12: Peace, Love and a Shot of Whisky

The eye of a hurricane is calm – the eye being the circular area upon which the storm rotates.

If April with its tightening grand cardinal square is an astrological hurricane of energy, then April 12 might be said to be the eye. 371 more words

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Venus Because

An astrologer friend of mine keeps talking about my Venus. Natal Venus, progressed Venus, transiting Venus. Venus, Venus, Venus.

Oh my, is it okay to talk about a girl’s Venus? 540 more words

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The April 22 Grand Square

On April 22, there will be an astrological grand square in the skies at 13 degrees. The planets involved are Mars (in Libra), Jupiter (in Cancer), … 1,159 more words

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March 16: The Day Between

Today is the infamous Ides of March (March 15). Ides merely is a calendar designation that means the middle of the month. On this day in March some odd thousand years ago, Roman emperor Julius Caesar was assassinated. 837 more words

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Six Degrees of Astrological Separation

If we’re all six degrees separated from Kevin Bacon, people have been wondering, are we also six degrees separated from him astrologically?

It’s a question trending on the Internet right now. 1,118 more words

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