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Ohio State Students Jump In Mirror Lake Day Early Before Michigan Game [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

The Mirror Lake Jump that Ohio State University students partake in is one of the oldest and greatest traditions in college sports. In the week that leads up to their big game against Michigan, college students have been jumping into “Mirror Lake,” a shallow, stone-lined pond. 183 more words


Some good news about fitness

Our partners at PHIT America.org have brought us a recap of a great article by Rachel Bachman published in the Wall Street Journal. This study explains that the next fitness boom is coming from colleges and universities. 30 more words

Write-up of Nelson's nightly routine

The paragraph that is italicized is a part that still requires examples/clarification of the medication that Nelson takes, but here is a rough written version of what I saw when I observed his nightly routine: 653 more words


— “in some metropolitan areas populations are so high that no vacancies are left in the suburbs for these territorial animals, which means youngsters are being forced to strike out into the only remaining habitat: downtown” 18 more words


Update 11/20/14

This afternoon me and Jason will be attending one last practice of Matthew’s as we begin to wind down. We attended his orchestra concert last night and got some good stuff out of that.


Frozen Moment

Always trying to catch the action shot.  The feel of motion.  But then it ends up stiff.

Here is Maura starting the backstroke heat.

Maura, forever frozen, in this tiny second,  as she pushes off the wall.