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"The Tipping Point"

This was originally published on Ohio University’s ImPRessions blog on July 28, 2014. Check it out here! ouimpressions.com

What are social epidemics? The word “epidemic” is an adjective meaning widespread, contagious or sweeping. 780 more words

Being a Bobcat is Being Home

I’m jealous of the freshmen. I’m jealous that they get the next four years to love and explore Ohio University and Athens as I have for the past three. 572 more words


What Made Me Stop Caring

I’ve always been the kind of person who needs to see the end-game. No decision I ever made was based on the “now” or on impulse. 208 more words

Did that really just happen?

By Elizabeth Cychosz

It’s one week after waving goodbye to Cambodia from a tiny airplane window, and I can finally take myself off my antimalarial medication. 570 more words


Ohio U considers mandatory ‘re-education’ classes for students who smoke on campus

This is from Campus Reform.

Papa Joe Stalin would be very proud of Ohio University.

It is time to make our stand on The Green to reclaim America. 187 more words

Letter To The President Of My University

Today I saw my fees for the fall semester, so I took my anger, anguish, and heart ache out in a “letter” to my university’s president. 572 more words

University Considers Mandatory 'Re-Education' Classes For Students Caught Smoking On Campus

ATHENS, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) — Ohio University is moving towards a healthier campus by enacting a ban on smoking, including e-cigarettes, in the 2015-2016 academic year, … 223 more words