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College Bound- "Carpe Deium."

Perhaps one of the most interesting experiences for the 59 year old kid and his wife Janet, has been raising our son Jack. He has been a true blessing in the highest sense of the word and as a strong willed child, he has provided some interesting input and challenges at times in a household where all focus was on his daily needs. 928 more words

How I got here...

Trawling the internet and appreciating the time and effort people have invested into creating an online avatar of their real persona, got me into doing some introspection. 967 more words


Fall semester is just around the corner, are you ready?

By: Jess Carnprobst @jess_carnprobst

Yesterday it hit me – I only have a week left before I go back to school. What?? How did summer go by so fast? 478 more words

Ohio University

Ohio Takes Flight

The aviation industry, like virtually every industry during the global economic recession between 2008 and 2010, experienced some heavy turbulence. Ticket prices rose and the number of jobs declined. 116 more words


The RA life is the life for me!

SO! As you may or may not know, I am an ARA. Yea, you are probably like “uhhh what the hell is that?” ARA is an administrative Resident Assistant. 190 more words

American Football, German Style

When sports fans in the United States think of football, storied franchises like the Pittsburgh Steelers or Dallas Cowboys come to mind. Memories of Sunday afternoons lounging in front of the TV or meeting with friends to watch Monday Night Football, Friday nights spent under bright lights watching local high school students play for the pride of the school and Thanksgiving backyard brawls all surface. 140 more words


Scripps College vs. Scripps J School [infographic]

By: Kerry Tuttle @kerrtut

Instead of writing about the differences between the Scripps College of Communication and the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, Kerry Tuttle put it all in an infographic.

Ohio University