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A Mystery Solved? (Part 4)

Once a time frame was established for the Laughead family settling in Ohio, the next step was to examine some early Ohio records, starting with the census. 635 more words


Hiking in Spring

My girlfriend came over today and we had a wonderful afternoon savoring a homemade lunch of Swai fish, rice and a Salad.  She brought the fish and rice and I made the Salad.   250 more words


Who is Emma?

When Nettie Marie (McCavett) Ahrens (b. 11 Aug 1912, d. 20 Jul 1997) passed away she didn’t just leave behind her family, but she also left a mystery. 475 more words

Emma Bonds

Testing 2, 2, 3

Recommendation: Bla bla bla

Major: Bla

Fun: boa


Watch Taylor Swift Show Up At Fan's Bridal Shower!

By now you may have heard that Taylor Swift surprised one of her biggest fans at her bridal shower. Taylor’s management received an invitation for Taylor to go to the fan’s wedding but Taylor wasn’t able to make that… but the bridal shower fit in her schedule! 78 more words


{Wordpress Wednesday!} Polls

Sometimes, you want to get some feedback on something weather it be something you’re creating, something people want to read about, or whatever else you can think of.   181 more words


Ohio Marriage Caravan Video April 11, 2014 - photographed by Amy Clark Studios

Ohio Marriage Caravan Video- photography by Amy Clark Studios

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This past weekend we traveled with the #marriagecaravan from Columbus to Chicago so 3 couples could say their “I do’s” and make it legal. 154 more words