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Saga VII: The Nuts & Bolts

This is the air we breathe, this is the air we breathe, Your Holy Spirit, living in us.
Scotts support is far more than anyone knows.   1,238 more words


Saga V: Minnesota Bound

Who are we kidding, I’ve been avoiding blogging.  Each entry gets harder to write, harder to relive.  Some things too close to my heart yet.  The next posts may not be all-inclusive on details, as I’ve been working on assembling it into a larger format at this point.   1,512 more words


Saga IV: Staying In Touch

May the peace of God which surpasses ALL understanding guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus.
- Wendy P., 6:29pm Saturday evening

Just into… 1,226 more words


Saga III: Saying Goodbye

When Scott started bleeding that second time on Saturday, he all but filled a bucket when life paused for a minute.  Bags of red blood cells and plasma was on it’s way.   326 more words


Saga, Part II: The Rest Interrupted

It’s Friday, May 23rd.  Earlier today Scott started vomiting blood in the parking lot.  We were rushed to Salmon Creek Legacy Hospital.  At the hospital, we got a surprise visit from several friends, and a day-long visit from our Pastor Scott LaPierre, who spent his day working nearby, available for us as we needed.   1,664 more words


Saga, Part I: It's Happening

I had just jumped in the shower.  Scott was picking up Adyn from a friends that he had spent the night with.  I hear Kendra running upstairs, then into the bathroom.   1,318 more words


New Cognitive Test Differentiates Alzheimer's from Normal Aging

Researchers at the University of Illinois have developed a cognitive test that seems to be able to identify differences between individuals with Alzheimer’s-related cognitive impairment and those who may just have some memory difficulties as a result of healthy aging. 35 more words

Aging Research