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What's a Little Fracture?

Man, what a week.

So all week I had on my mind: “How shitty would it be if I got hurt?” Sure enough…Thursday morning I was cooking myself some food and my boxers got stuck on the joystick to my wheelchair…it started to move so the only way not to fall was to throw my weight backwards. 755 more words

Mark Miwurdz - part 1

Poet and comedian Mark has been good enough to share some memories…

Mark Miwurdz origins
I began performing poetry around Sheffield in 78/79 as Mark Miwurdz. 1,710 more words


Abril, Abril

Já chegou o mês de Abril, e eu tenho uma coisa pra confessar. Eu decidi começar esse blog numa tentativa de encontrar alguma resposta para o imenso marasmo que eu chamo de vida. 43 more words

The Nerd Lounge Awards

We’ve decided to launch the nerd lounge awards as a way to show appreciation to the regular members who make the room the wonderful little haven it can be. 251 more words


Guvnor's Man

Guvnor’s Man

He’ll soon be the manager soon be the boss
Nobody likes him but does he give a toss?
He’s the one watching you all through the day… 178 more words


Of special interest to those with OI (POTS, NMH, etc)

Dr. Peter Rowe has kindly given permission for his brochure on orthostatic intolerance and its treatment thereof to be posted here: OIinfo2013.

This information should not take the place of your regular medical professional. 94 more words