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Chapter _ Part 2

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I’ve been quite thoroughly into activism in a number of forms over the past 6 years or so now; marching on behalf of cleaning up the environment, better support for our public educators, ending the reign of terror the US seems to bring across the world. 571 more words


Researchers discover solar energy-driven process makes tailings ponds reclamation instant

Cleaning up oil sands tailings has just gotten a lot greener thanks to a novel technique developed by University of Alberta civil engineering professors that uses solar energy to accelerate tailings pond reclamation efforts by industry. 463 more words


The Stories of Standard Oil

Gordon Parks
, , 1943-50 (149.1983)

 Sol Libsohn, U.S. 22, Pennsylvania, 1945 (153.1983)

After a rather abrupt ending of funding for the photographic project of the Farm Security Administration, Roy Stryker accepted another challenge: he would lead a documenting project that would improve the public image of the New Jersey based company… 302 more words

Fans In A Flashbulb

Canada three times softer on oil when it comes to Russia sanctions

NEW YORK – For all its much-touted toughness in imposing economic sanctions against Russia, Canada has been significantly more timid against one particular target: the oil industry. 721 more words


The endless toil for oil

Ed Burtynsky is one of the biggest names in the photographic world at the minute. His technique has become his trademark. He will shoot images that show the incredible scale of different industries and elements. 418 more words


Capitalism versus the climate?

In her new book, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate, environmentalist Naomi Klein advocates a ban on fossil fuels and a statist utopia where government “creates” a record number of jobs through “investment” in wind and solar energy. 699 more words


It Makes Perfect Sense

On the day after marchers clogged downtown NYC to protest America’s lack of a real response to catastrophic man made climate change I take a moment to set down, in my aggravatingly simplistic Devil’s advocate way, why the… 798 more words

Muttering To Myself