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Oil Prices Increase Following Death of Saudi Arabian King

Oil prices rebounded recently following the death of Saudi Arabian monarch Kind Abdullah. This week on the Tony Buckingham blog I ask what this means for the long-term prospects of the global oil industry. 342 more words

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Why Oil Prices are Dropping by a Petroleum Landman - Houston, Texas Interview

How Does Oil Prices Work?  Razor Resources, CEO, Ramon De Hoyos talks about the updates in the oil and gas industry, why oil prices are dropping, current news and more. 47 more words


Nigerian Oil Production May Rise by Almost 300,000 BPD in Two Years

New evidence suggests that unless the country’s oil industry is effected by unforeseen circumstances, oil production in Nigeria may increase by almost 300,000 bpd in two years. 396 more words

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Obama Promises to Veto Keystone XL Pipeline

The White House has announced that President Obama will veto the Keystone XL Pipeline Bill if it comes to his desk. This week on the… 480 more words

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Cost-Effective and Sustainable Decommission of North Sea Oil Installations

The UK continental shelf is populated by some 475 installations and of that, there is 10,000km of pipelines, 15 onshore terminals and 5,000 wells that will eventually need to be decommissioned. 421 more words

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Chevron and ONGC Awarded New Zealand Exploration Permits

On today’s Tony Buckingham blog, I will be discussing the news that US energy giant Chevron and ONGC Videsh will be joining the hunt for oil in the Pacific country for the first time. 319 more words

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