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Calgary startup works on stripped down approach to upgrading bitumen

CALGARY — Gerard Monaghan founded ETX Systems Inc. at the height of an oil sands boom. Now he’s focused on reinventing a fixture of the business that crashed hard when the frenzy went bust: upgrading. 809 more words


A Joint Venture with CAPP: Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance: Collaboration for the environment

Major Canadian oil sands companies have come together in an unprecedented move to collaborate and advance technologies to accelerate the pace of environmental performance improvement. 989 more words


A Joint Venture with CAPP: A tailings ponds primer

Alan Fair, director of COSIA’s EPA, discusses tailings ponds, challenges and efforts to reduce the tailings pond footprint.

Q: What are tailings ponds?

A: Tailings ponds provide the opportunity to recycle 85% to 90%-plus of the water used in the extraction process that liberates bitumen from oil sands ore. 409 more words


Oilsands are cost-competitive with U.S. crude sources: Scotia report

Improved technology has made both the oilsands and conventional sources of crude from Western Canada cost-competitive with fast-growing U.S. sources of oil, including North Dakota’s high-profile Bakken play, says Scotiabank commodity guru Patricia Mohr. 631 more words


Oil sands costs beat those of U.S. tight oil, new studies show

There has been a lot of hype over the dramatic surge in tight oil production in the United States, but two new studies show Canada’s oil sands are still the best place to be based on costs. 744 more words