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Our So-Called Foreign Policy: With Allies Like These Against ISIS....

It’s lucky for President Obama that ongoing American fears about ebola and most recently yesterday’s shootings in Canada have distracted so much public and media attention from the fight against ISIS terrorists in the Middle East. 558 more words


ISIS: Where Does The Money Come From

We have been told that ISIS is making millions per day from an oil smuggling operation……..for those that are interested in this situation……I was Tweeted this the other day…..explains just how they are executing the smuggling operation……

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Gaun awa' Scotland? No For Now.

The referendum to separate from the UK was rejected by 55% of voters on Thursday, 18th September 2014. But why the split after a 307-year Union? 461 more words

Scotland is not Quebec


excerpt from the article.

It isn’t particularly insightful to view the Scottish desire for independence through the lens of the Quebec referendum. (a plural would be more correct, but the Greeks didn’t allow for two of them) Quebec isn’t deprived of oil revenues by Ottawa, neither is Alberta, which would more precisely parallel the Scottish situation, if Alberta held a vote to wrestle powers from Ottawa. 300 more words