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Pretty attractive ha

I’m just not really sure how to take this message. Do you only find me slightly attractive? Does the ha indicate you’re joking? What is your deal?

Ok Cupid


No need to be demanding, Brice.

Ok Cupid

OK Cupid

So, the dating site, OK Cupid has extended gender (includes now a gender, two – spirit, etc) and orientation options,including asexual. My question is, when you select ‘asexual’, do you select a romantic orientation or does it just automatically assume that you’re just looking for friends? 10 more words

Sexual Orientation

Nice, sweet guy x2

At least you acknowledged you already tried messaging me. But waiting 3 days and then sending the same message again probably isn’t the best strategy, bud.

Ok Cupid

What's up girl

So many poorly constructed sentence wrapped into one message topped with calling me “girl” (which I hate) = no.

Ok Cupid


Here’s a thought…. You’re not going to make me your girlfriend if you live too far away.

Ok Cupid