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Brown eyes

I’m actually surprised how many I’ve gotten considering they’re brown.

Ok Cupid

Tinder sucked this week; here is OK Cupid Tuesday, instead!

So… he is saying that he is a creepy stalker??? No wonder he disabled his account.

WTF does “mesh emotionally” mean? Are we going to watch “The Notebook” and talk about our feelings too???

Far away

If you can’t find someone on the same side of the country as you, what makes you think someone who lives thousands of miles away will want to date you? 12 more words

Ok Cupid


1. Why did you eat a s’more with chocolate chip cookies? 2. How many times has this pickup line worked for you? 3. My remaining questions are too personal/ disturbing to ask.

Ok Cupid

Pretty attractive ha

I’m just not really sure how to take this message. Do you only find me slightly attractive? Does the ha indicate you’re joking? What is your deal?

Ok Cupid