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Adorable dog

I’m flattered, but now and not do not mean the same thing.

Ugh, I'm too old for this shit.

Dating used to be FUN. I used to go out and feel pretty and enjoy attention and meeting new people.

Now it is a soul-sucking exercise in lowering expectations and learning to deal with disappointment. 111 more words

Me And My Life

Dating sites

Since it’s been ten years since I last dated, I felt a bit out of practice.
I did a bit of research and the consensus indicated that OK Cupid was a poly friendly dating site. 362 more words

Dating Sites

Resurfacing and Ok Cupid Royally Sucks

Though I feel as if I am in midst of a major shit sandwich, I am starting to see that this will not last forever. So, I today tried to make some effort to resurface and rejoin society. 506 more words

Little hottie

With a good 10+ year age difference, I find this creepy, not flattering.

I am officially sick of this.

Every person who would “strongly prefer to date someone of their own skin color/race” and messages me with something like “hey beautiful” is going to get a grumpy, condescending, message back.

Fuck this.

Romance, Real And Imaginary

Spoil me

The first part doesn’t sound too bad, the second part is where it gets a little creepy…

Ok Cupid