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Strategic messaging (not)

Was asking for my name in the second message two months later part of your strategic plan to get me to talk to you? Or was that all you could think of to add in two months to your message you send every girl?

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Cave of wonders

I’m sure my answer isn’t what you’re wanting to hear, so I’ll spare you from this disappointment and just ignore you.

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Recent OK Cupid gems...

Daaaaaag, son!

I have an above average complexion? That’s cool… I guess. But I kind of feel like this guy wants to turn my face into a mask or something.

0 out of 10

I admire the creativity with this pickup line. It’s actually pretty good compared to 99% of the other messages I get. However, I’m still going to roll my eyes and post it here for the world to see.

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Coke, Pepsi, take your pick

Normally this question wouldn’t even make me think twice, but because he was under the legal drinking age I had to stop and wonder exactly what kind of drink he was referring to.. Coke, Pepsi, tea, coffee…?

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Make Me a Match: Christian Rudder's Dataclysm

Excerpt from this article:

If the Internet is one giant experiment, are we all just lab rats? “I prefer the analogy of a glass-bottomed boat,” Rudder said.

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Math jokes

Nothing like some good math humor.

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