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Failure to Delight

If you could build the most ambiguous city on the face of the earth with the most atrocious people with terrible manners you’d construct Milano. Okay, maybe it wasn’t… 517 more words

Hiking Robbers Cave State Park, OK

Hike Summary: 6.7 miles through beautiful Ozarks terrain, and a 10-mile weekend.

I posted the pictures from this hike at my Google+ site:


Our… 763 more words


Rocket Matter

We at Cindy Allen & Associates are very excited about our new Rocket Matter client portal!  We want to inform all of our clients about this awesome new service we offer and how they can benefit from it as well. 247 more words

Of Pain

Pain is a string instrument

Picked on by the fingers of a musician

Pain can have a solid, or a hollow body

And with machines that amplify… 24 more words


Piko tops

Invest in Piko tops. They are worth every penny.

Welcome post + Things about me

Hello everyone from WordPress, I am Lisa and I am a moose..

Well not really, I just like them.

But alright, I made this blog to kind of tell people all over the world about me and my life. 112 more words


Just talking to myself

Cold enough to feel chilly but
Hey! It’s Spring.

The birds are on the lines..
They can see the sun

So open the doors
Let the breeze come in… 19 more words