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Save the Whales

I hate it when someone sends a first online dating message with a yes or no question.  So much so, that I rarely respond.  However, I was curious to see where he was going with this: 86 more words

Online Dating

What's a Sloppy Toppy?

And, of course, more fun in online dating:

“Give that sloppy toppy?”

I have no idea what sloppy toppy means.. I have a feeling I should probably be offended, but I am not sure why. 66 more words

Online Dating

Exclusivity... with someone else

I went on a date with a guy last Wednesday night (third okcupid date–more on the earlier ones later). We couldn’t meet until late because I work until 7. 889 more words


Quick thought: OKcupid is the Forever21 of dating

It is!! Picture it – Forever 21 (which I have loved since I was 16) is chock-full of cheap pieces, in a variety of colors and styles. 165 more words


Normally you're respectful?

OkCupid User: ok so i’ll cut right to the point cuz im honestly tired. -_- umm i’m housesitting 4 my guy with he’s on tour next week so you wanna hang out, chill, drink, smoke, fuck whatever. 22 more words


Cause that’s the reason why you don’t have a photo…

OkCupid User: One of my bosses is on this site..so felt a little awkward adding my pic on here..but would be happy to send you one.

XOXO WildandBeautiful


Oh, Really?

OkCupid User 1: We should hook up
Me: Oh, really?
OkCupid User 1: Yea lol why not?

XOXO WildandBeautiful