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Dating 101

1. Please don’t call me a good girl. I take offence to that (especially when you’ve come to this conclusion based on a couple of photos) … 19 more words


11 OkCupid Messages That Should Never Have Been Sent

In my brief career on OkCupid I have been barraged, as any lady is, with messages ranging from lame, to crude, to downright bizarre. I share with you a few of the crown jewels, and, if you’re as lucky as they are, my repartee. 105 more words


7 Dates in 7 Dates, Part 7: My First Tinder Date

A. takes advantage of her new status as Modern Woman with Smartphone and downloads Tinder, arranging to meet with a mysterious Tinder stranger who lists his age as 88 years old.  412 more words


7 Dates in 7 Days, Part 6: The Actor Without a Day Job

Exhausted from her wall-climbing romp, A. nevertheless rallies her forces, throws on some maquillage and heads to the Lower East Side to meet a New York actor aspiring for greatness and mostly doing commercials. 333 more words


7 Dates in 7 Days, Part 4: The Magazine Journalist

A little tipsy and mostly very sleepy, A. says goodbye to start-up Link and scoots onto the F train to head back to her Brooklyn neighborhood, where she has planned to meet up with Cam, a journalist-type who works for a certain tabloid-y magazine that endeavors, each year, to find the Sexiest Man Alive. 415 more words


7 Dates in 7 Days, Part 3: The Start-Up Entrepreneur Who Only Dates Artists

Having escaped the Russian’s Kim-Kardashian-tenement, A. rolls up her sleeves and prepares to “interface” with the start-up entrepreneur who “reached-out” to her on OKC, eagerly awaiting his “unique value proposition” in order to determine if he is within her “target market.” 493 more words


7 Dates in 7 Days, Part 2: The Russian Fashion Photographer

Warmed up by yesterday’s bagel date with Beardy McLaw Student, A. puts on her heels and brushes up on her Russian slang to meet Fyodor, a Muscovite fashion photographer, for an East Village rooftop excursion. 223 more words