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OkCupid Stole My Idea

Well, not really. But kind of.

This morning I kicked someone out of my bed and opened my email (just kidding! am I kidding?) to find that Christian Rudder, OKC’s founder, had written me to tell me about a new blog post— the site’s first in three years. 657 more words


My First OkCupid Date, Or, How The Evening Ended With Me Picking Shards of Glass Out of My Lap

Is OkCupid, like my best friend suggested, a battlefield littered with STDs and sex offenders? Or can I, like Rihanna, find love in a hopeless place? 639 more words



I don’t know if this is just a guy thing or what…but…what is it with them being inconsistent?!? Do they think it’s okay to just disappear for a week or maybe two? 216 more words

Single Life

A no is no. A non-reponse is also a no.

How many times can someone message you before they get the idea you are not going to message back? If you send me an email riddled with weird grammatical mistakes, typos, and !!!!, and I look at your profile, and still don’t respond, I am going to say that is a no. 39 more words

Arranged Marriage?

There are a few things to comment on. First of all, arranged marriage? Really? What year is it? Is this the Caste System? Seriously. Second of all, “lmao?” When was the last time any one of us used this acronym? 82 more words