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So many have paid to see
What you think you´re gettin´ for free
The woman is wild
Money´s the matter
If you´re in it for love, you ain´t gonna get too far… 79 more words

All new...

New City, New State, New Blog…

I’m looking forward to dating down here, although I did date someone who lived here while I lived in Philly, it was different because it was long distance. 222 more words

Single Life

Welcome to Dating lifestyle

Online dating gets more popular by the day and sometimes it can seem like there is no end of dating websites for you to join. Here we take a look at the free dating websites and help you figure out which are the best fit for you. 627 more words

Connecting Singles


Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see a dating site where people had to tell it like it is instead of being able to lie about every little thing? 807 more words


Are You My Mother? No. I'm a Dog. Are You My Mother? I'm Not Having Sex With You.

It’s so wonderful discovering who you are:

18-year old:  hey! I know this might seem weird, but I think you are insanely pretty! you know how some teenagers are into the whole older, more experienced kinda thing? 35 more words

Wisconsin vs. L.A.: Like Apples and Oranges. From the little market off Sunset? OMG. AMAAAAZing oranges. Speaking of, my bff's cousin is a public for the punk band Orange and they have a show at the Roxbury and we could for surz get in. You in? We can wear our moto jackets!!.

I’m in the midst of packing, literally and metaphorically.  Literally: socks, sandals, tank tops…shorts…oh god….swimsuits…THIS IS AWFUL.  Metaphorically:  my finger gun because L.A. is going to make me want to die. 617 more words

Dating Detox Week 8 (12/02-18/02/14)

We dream and envisage what we aspire to be. As children we are taught to always follow our dreams and not give. Valentines day I remembered mine…