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East lansing stealing meridian township zip codes

By: Andre Sims

Michigan State Journalism Student

MERIDIAN TWP., MI (MSU) – Some areas that people would consider to be East Lansing are actually Meridian Township associated, and the residents here in The Lodges of East Lansing are unaware. 488 more words

Accounting and budgeting for okemos

By Andre Sims

Meridian Township staff writer

MERIDIAN TWP., MI – Going deep into the Meridian Townships accounting and budgeting operations, as well as hearing what other people have to say about taxation in the community. 351 more words

Police say Okemos is just a safe place

By: Andre Sims

Meridian Township writer

MERIDIAN TWP ., MI- According to the crimes rates for the Okemos community, there was a significant decrease in violent acts from the year 2013 to 2014, but lieutenant Greg Frenger says that these number tend to vary. 342 more words

Parents protest the pay to play

By Andre Sims

Meridian Township Staff writer

MERIDIAN TWP., MI- – Some parents in Okemos object to the high school’s pay-to-play policy because it places a hardship on families of modest means. 229 more words

Unrelated accidents with identical results

By Andre Sims

Meridian Township Staff writer

MERIDIAN TWP., MI-Two individuals, with no relation, both allegedly under the influence of alcohol make a similar decision that could’ve ended their lives. 222 more words

Zone board denies request for park trail

By Andre Sims

Meridian Township Staff Writer

MERIDIAN TWP., MI- The Meridian Township’s Planning and Zoning Board vetoed the proposed plan to build an eight-foot Pathway next to the Red Cedar in Wonch Park. 492 more words


On The Road Again...

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