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The Water Is Calm

So for once, nothing interesting or crazy has happened this past week. But that is probably just because I was in Texas and not at home. 279 more words

For the love of Pete

There are people I run across while reading or traveling or meet in person who fascinate me to the point that I start learning all about them to see if they are truly as wonderful as I’ve been led to believe.   1,116 more words


If you're reading this

God never promised that our lives would be easy. In fact, if your life is easy, you’re probably doing something wrong. God made us for one purpose: to glorify Him, no matter our circumstances, no matter our culture, no matter our social status or race or gender or age or family. 275 more words


Waco, Texas

Oklahoma State University takes on Baylor in Waco, Texas this weekend, good thing the doctor is nearby.

After the long five hour drive your muscles are sore and your lips are parched grab a cold glass-bottled Dr. 467 more words


Students Cutting the Cord Package

News story on why students would want to go without cable and other options they have to get entertainment and news.

Allison Elaine Haddican

OSU Student Union 3D Printer Story

Ok State Student Union now has 3D Printer for anyone to print a toy or a personalized phone case.

Allison Elaine Haddican