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Schools and Science: Good News for Creationists

Whose science gets taught in America’s public schools?  A new study of Oklahoma high-school students finds that students emerge from their Biology classes with a creationist-friendly understanding of evolution.  363 more words


SBC President Fred Luter to Speak at Oklahoma Men's "Rewired" Conference

Southern Baptist Convention president Fred Luter will be among speakers at the 2014 “Rewired” men’s conference at Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center in Oklahoma.


Saturday 9: Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Thank you for tuning in to another edition of Saturday 9, hosted by Crazy Sam. For those of you new to this endeavor (ohhhh….big words), Saturday 9 is a weekly interrogation consisting of 9 questions posed by our host, Crazy Sam. 556 more words



Blue Jays seem to be making a home near my house. Every morning I hear their distinct chirp and two or three frequent the bird feeder out of my office window.

Oklahomans Join Us: Lawton/Fort Sill Progressives

Join us at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/108282552588170/

True, it would be extremely difficult (impossible) to create a 3rd Party in Oklahoma so this is not a proposal to put together a 3rd political party. 523 more words