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Xenophon, Apology of Socrates 1.5-7: This Philosopher is Ready to Die.

“Do you really find it shocking if it seems better to the god that I die now? Don’t you know that before today I would never agree that any man has lived better than I have? 156 more words

Age and Ageing

Aditya kept running and his grandfather, Mr. Alok, kept following him everywhere. He was worried that Aditya might fall and get hurt. This continued for  eight years, after which, one day Aditya suddenly stopped running. 245 more words


Good, good, good

This post is for my grandfather, Ervin Ott, who just turned 86 and who reminds me, every time we talk that life is, at its core, Good, good, good… 810 more words

Naive Idealism

The moments we steal with cameras and pens

The hot tub smells not altogether good when it’s been left a while without its chemicals. I come home to find it gagging on a Barbie doll one of the kids put under the lid, legs sticking out, choking. 769 more words


The empty chair technique and our older selves

The empty chair technique is a tool used in Gestalt therapy. The idea is that you sit in one chair with an empty chair beside or in front of you. 661 more words


Public Services International

The report on TISA was prepared for Public Services International, written by Scott Sinclair, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, and Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood, Institute of Political Economy, Carleton University. 460 more words


Waiting for Dad

Again, it is 5 a m and I am awake. My cough has woken me, hopefully not the rest of the household. Justin and Rebecca arrived last night from NYC to go to a wedding tomorrow night. 882 more words