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Old Apple Trees: Vigor In Old Age

A couple years ago I watched the growth of an old apple tree in my backyard with increasing concern. A large branch was threatening my neighbor’s home and the trunk was rotting. 299 more words

Not Enough Air

Tuesday, July 15

“WELL, HELLO THERE!” That’s been my greeting from Grandpa for the past 35 years. First thing in the morning, walking in from shopping, surprising him as I dash out of the kitchen, it’s always been the same. 125 more words

Breaking News

Breaking News

It’s breaking news
And I am here to report on the unfolding story.
Full of human interest
It could be a crisis faced by any one of us. 150 more words


Today Is My Natal Anniversary

Seems like only yesterday
I was carefree wild and young
When I realized how old I am today
I gotta tell ya it kinda stung… 655 more words

The Rare Privilege

In my neighbourhood there lived an old couple
Who spent 60 years in each other’s shackle

I wondered how they got passed each other’s perennial demons… 152 more words

Losing You to Dementia

I’m still fighting this W-A-R that I will NEVER have the chance of winning, NOT when the “enemy” is so horrific like dementia.  During the earlier stages, the medications, the classes I took you to seem to slow down the progression of the illness, but, since you’d become severely demented, NOTHING seemed to work, NO magical pill to make the symptoms of forgetting go away, you just can’t remember anything anymore. 150 more words