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untouchable is what we become
remote and toothless – hanging on
unreachable by anyone
an old boat – holed and beached
still proud in memory… 32 more words



My mind is going, I do know where!

But hey, I am always glad to share!

My memories are gone.  When did it leave?

I do not remember, cannot conceive… 180 more words


Let me see the light

I have been to some dark places

I met so many faces that I should of have never known

A sleeper of the day… 131 more words


Let misanthrope Ebenezer Scrooge fend off Christmas giving for all he’s worth — for my money, the humbug that refuses to be set aside and saved for another time is… 296 more words


A Christmas Lunch

Today we were invited to a Christmas luncheon in Sydney. There was some lovely food and drinks. And good conversation with a lot of people. Here are some pictures of some of the people that we have known for many years. 90 more words


Martin Place, Sydney, 21st December 2914

The hostage crisis started on Monday, the 15th December and went on for 17 hours. All week there was a constant stream of people with flowers and expressions of sympathy. 35 more words


The Man Who Always Smiled

There lived a good man in a certain city. I say “good” because he was a very conscientious person who considered it his duty to help the random beggar on the street; he made a point of putting up a smiling face for his fellowmen no matter how dismal he felt deep inside; when any horrible incident of human cruelty came into his knowledge through a newspaper or a news channel his heart would bleed, he would grimace and only through a great effort he would be able keep himself from bursting into sobs; in short, he was a good man. 1,918 more words