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Don't Condem The Idols

As many of you know, a few months ago Hannah and I went to Athens, Greece with Youth Ministry International. Of all the tourist-y things we did, our favorite was visiting the Acropolis. 887 more words

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Old Post: Leeds Room-Hunting

Originally published 28 August 2013.


Today was a bit of a scary day. I went up to Leeds to “survey” the city and find a place to live for next year. 938 more words

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Old Post: Living in Leeds

Originally posted 2 October 2013.

When I came home from Uni yesterday, I was feeling particularly giddy; things are going quite well, and I am absolutely enjoying it. 1,063 more words

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What's Next?

Hannah and I find it helpful to take some time every few weeks/months to stop, breathe, look around and take stock of all that God has done lately, get a grip on where we are, and consider what needs to happen next. 776 more words

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So, what do you actually...do?

Over the last several months (and years) Hannah and I have¬†often been asked what it is we actually “do.” Many well-meaning people want to know not only what we’re doing when we say “we’re fundraising,” but also what we plan to do when we get to the field. 1,142 more words

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