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Curses for Believers? Nah . . ..

Did you know that the Old Covenant Law is what brings curses? People who choose to live under the Law (by rejecting Jesus who fulfilled the  Law FOR them or by accepting Jesus but continuing to rely on the Law in a misguided attempt to EARN God’s approval and blessings) are putting THEMSELVES under the curse of the Law. 291 more words


An Ethical Conundrum And A Moment of Zens

Where do we get our ethics, our rules for Christian behavior?  I’ll confess that, until last night, I would have answered by offering a weak smorgasbord of New and Old Testament concepts with little to connect them except the old standard “moral law/ceremonial law” distinction wherein we explain why Christians don’t have to sacrifice goats.   654 more words


Chol HaMo’ed Pesach: Writing on Flesh

When Moses descended, he carried the Word of God—not the Word made flesh, but the word made stone upon the two tablets of the covenant.

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The Full Extent of His Love

This is the most significant week on the Christian calendar. I love how the Gospel writers layout this week as it starts with Jesus riding on a donkey and the palm branches laid out. 84 more words

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New Jerusalem, God's Dwelling Place

Series: “Little Gems from Our Study of the Book of Revelation”

In the previous post, “Jerusalem, a Dwelling Place of Demons,” we looked at: 1,299 more words