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India’s Partition Through A Poet’s Eyes

I mentioned in a previous post about my intention of continuing work on my poem on India’s partition. Well, the poem has been taking shape and what started off as a short 10-line poem then developed into a long 6-verse, 120-line poem set across different times and spaces (India’s partition in 1947, Puglia in 2014, London in 2013, Delhi in 1998) encompassing the core themes of internal and external division and identity. 832 more words


Upcoming Heritage Film series - Neighborhood of Old Fort

Ever been around the vicinity of Old Fort area ? There are so many small n big heritage sites out there.. some ruins.. some religious places.. 58 more words


Justice and Injustice

More pictures of the court and its surrounds. The “Number Four” prison – where non-white prisoners were kept – is disconcerting to walk through. The complex houses displays concerning life as it was experienced by inmates and the photos below are of soap sculptures made by prisoners. 68 more words


Hillbrow from the Old Fort

The Old Fort Prison is situated on Constitutional Hill which also houses the Constitutional Court of South Africa. It was originally a prison, with a fort later built around it during the Anglo-Boer (“South African”) war to overlook the road to Pretoria and defend Johannesburg from the British. 74 more words


Basenji at the Fort

Both are old…  Castillo de San Marco and Tate our Basenji.  He has far out lived his expectancy.   At 10 yrs. old., I thought I was getting him his last 3 yr. 100 more words


Castillo de San Marco Sanctuary Decor

Underneath layers of moss and algae preservationist discovered 300+ year old decorated walls.  Inside a fort?  Yes, it is believed to be a former room used for worship.   88 more words


The Green Team

I don’t have anything particular to blurb this week. I can tell you that I’ve been going fishing but keep catching a) fish that are too small b) the bottom of the ocean. 155 more words

Seventh Day Sandwiches