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The old lady and I went to a Fringe play about how Peter Pan and Hook used to be friends. They were fighting zombies. To start the show, the lights were turned off and zombies came shambling down from the entrance. 47 more words


Take Joy in the Small Victories to Keep a Positive Mindset.

“Treat every small victory like you just won the Superbowl” -Lewis Howes

Living in a foreign country comes with many ups and downs. You have to celebrate the little moments because there are somany things constantly happening that eat at your determination.

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One a day

The old lady was a bit under the weather. The White Russian’s mom said a shot of good Russian vodka will kill the flu or cold and keep you healthy.

Down And Dirty

A Letter.

A letter to all who live in dorms or apartments in which you only have one wall separating you and the next person. Whatever you do, do it with consideration with those who have to deal with you indirectly. 100 more words



I’ve lived in a town surrounded by cornfields for most of my life. I’ve never been in one though. It’s no country town. We’ve got stuck up upper middle class people whose cars are shielded from the elements by roomy garages. 255 more words


           My mother had always told me not to taunt the old woman in our neighborhood. She had a look of despair and eyes that seemed cavernous so no one could look at her for more than a second. 865 more words

Work in Progress

I have been working on this piece for a few weeks now, and accidentally ripped some of the pen/paint off with some tape. So, after ruining the piece, I played around with it and this is what happened. 8 more words