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Warm ups: No.4

Yet another drawing originally from October 2009… This may take awhile, I have so many drawings from late 2009, I really want to get onto my 2010 sketchbooks to be honest, but I want to work in order (as much as possible)!


The old lady who danced a jig

By way of experiment, the old lady tried to insert photos into her blog again — and she did it! “Media upload” worked! The old lady was ecstatic and danced a jig around the room. 156 more words


A Long, Long Time

Tonight, my twelve year old said, “I have a question about something that is really weird.”


“When you have your birthday, you will be 48 years old. 127 more words


New Experiences

Things I thought I would never do in my life:
– get married
– own a house
– buy maxi pads.


Day 288

My roommate and boyfriend planned the greatest surprise birthday activity: bowling! My friends are awesome.


Sweet sweet after lunch interlude!

I came back to the office from lunch today feeling great. I had a good lunch break. I had taken my dogs to the park and we had a pleasant walk.   550 more words

Eddie Pitts

The Cute Old Lady

Okay, I promised you the story about the old lady:

At work I was helping an old lady with the debit machine to pay for her groceries when she pressed Savings instead of Chequeing by accident. 155 more words