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Auntie Doris’s That’s Swearing. #7 Knackers and Bollocks

As everyone knows, knackers and bollocks are rude words for the male gonads, which nestle comfortably in a little bag known as the Knackersack (from the Japanese Nagasaki – ball bag) just underneath his Jeremy Bentham. 528 more words


Auntie Doris's That's Swearing #7 Arsehole

I don’t hold with how the Americans have devalued this swearword. From British lips and as a plural it is a word of great beauty with a range of subtle uses. 572 more words


"Crumbs" a short story

Last August, as part of a writing exercise while riding a plane to Portland, I started this story.  11 months later, I finished my first short story since around 2005.   38 more words

Auntie Doris's "Thats Swearing" #6 Bugger and Sod

Aww, what could be sweeter, than having a little kiddie on your knee. One that’s just learned how to giggle, and that giggle is infectious. When you can make a trumping sound by placing your lips against its chubby little face and blowing, and that makes it giggle all the more. 604 more words


Auntie Doris’s That’s Swearing #5: Gordon Bennett

This one is another of those non-satisfying cuss words for me. Its alright for perky little Londoners off the telly, but I like something that I can get my teeth into. 724 more words