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Waitress - Vintage card by K Henderson

Waitress, 10 x 8, oil on board

This trompe l’oeil painting was inspired by a card from a vintage Old Maid game. I thought a coffee stain would enhanced the Waitress theme. 16 more words


Tutor Vintage Card by K Henderson

Tutor, 10 x 8, oil on canvas

Music. That is my current theme for my Vintage Card trompe l’oeil oil paintings.

First up is Tooty Tutor. 20 more words


The Singer Vintage Card by K Henderson

The Singer, 10 x 8, oil on board

This is the second of three in my Music themed Vintage Card trompe l’oeil paintings.

My Contemporary Realism still life paintings tend to be complicated with lots of ‘stuff’ in them. 40 more words


Little Feather Vintage Card

Little Feather, 8 x 10, oil on board

I haven’t created one of my Vintage Playing Card paintings in a while and when I found this “Little Feather” character I knew he would be perfect for a Cowboy and Indian painting. 23 more words


The Pianist by K Henderson

The Pianist, 10 x 8, oil on board

This card is from a game called Who’s the Thief?

I like to paint these cards in groups of 3 with a similar theme.

28 more words


Fireman Vintage Card by K Henderson

Fireman, 10 x 8, oil on board

I had extra fun with this Trompe L’oeil. This vintage card depicts Fireman Damper Downe. It’s from an Old Maid deck. 31 more words


HAIKU -- 06062014-3

HAIKU — 06062014-3


old maid’s death —

the doll she hugs closes

its one good eye


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