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Judith and the surname

This is the work of Gerrit Pietersz of the Dutch Golden Age Рor is it?  Because what is art history without a little confusion. 370 more words


I was swindled - My daughter the card shark

With no school today (in memory of the great Martin Luther King, Jr.) my daughter and wife were home for my lunch. My daughter has reached the age that she loves playing games. 131 more words


Giving Up

Hey Everyone!!!

I had originally written a post about this in my WP app, but the app chose to fail.¬† So, I deleted the app.¬† It’s hard enough to blog via the phone tablet anyway. 477 more words


Single is the new Ebola

I have a million things I could say, about being a single woman in her thirties, but the blog below says it all. It is succinct, funny, and a must-read if you dread attending family reunions and weddings because of the inevitable “why aren’t you married yet?!”. 7 more words



She is attractive to some
And repulsive to most
When she comes round
Her faultless, festering reproach
Is like that of a stayed lass… 7 more words



Inertia won out. It was easier, and at least marginally more interesting, for Millie to resume her thrice-weekly meetings with Richard when he returned a divorced man than not to. 2,962 more words

Getting Old