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Iibiis Rooge: Hespherides LP

Ain’t this one a little strange/weird release? Two tunes on this vinyl and may I say that both of them will take you somewhere where no one has gone before. 75 more words

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Angelo Badalamenti: Music From Twin Peaks LP

Bought this years ago, at the time Twin Peaks was shown first time on television. If I remember right I paid about €1-2 (current currency) from this record (discount price at the time when CD records took over). 98 more words

Old Ones

Horseback / Locrian: Horseback / Locrian 7"

And finally I can hold this little treasure pressed on vinyl in my hands. This means that I now own a copy of every vinyl release from Horseback (but with Locrian I still have work to do). 54 more words

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Ben Bennett: Spoilage LP

“What if you just got rid of your records and stereo equipment?”

What a refreshing record this is! Noise/experimental/free improvisation record with awesome song titles! This record is surely for those of us who are not afraid to try something new. 24 more words

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Risil: Non Meters Vol.1 2xLP (clear)

Third album (2xLP) I got from that package I purchased via Discogs. Actually I had no idea about this album, released by Important Records, when I purchased this but it only cost me $6.00 and record like this would easily cost about €20 or more here where I’m from. 45 more words

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Gärden Söund: Black Summit LP

More Discogs purchases, Gärden Söund and their album “Black Summit”. Sounds familiar, maybe because this band is collaboration of two fine bands, Barn Owl & Eternal Tapestry. 47 more words

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Ian Martin: Mechanical Rain LP (clear with black swirls)

Actually I have this record already on black vinyl (black copy that is limited to 300 copies, this clear one is limited to 100 copies), but I couldn’t resist of purchasing this clear one from Discogs (at very reasonable price). 39 more words

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