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Lamb: Lamb 2xLP (green marbled)

And this one.. Love at the first sight. Of course I was familiar with all these Portishead, Massive Attack and Tricky things back then, but hearing this at the first time was quite shaking experience. 77 more words

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Grant Lee Buffalo: Fuzzy LP

Here is one of those records from my past. I still remember how this album touched my heart at the time I was taking my first steps towards the adulthood, moving away from my childhood home etc. 69 more words

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Raised Fist: Dedication LP

I got this one today, bought it from Ebay few weeks ago. Strange thing is that this was still sealed, in mint condition and cost me £14.36 shipping cost included. 73 more words

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Turbo: Last Warrior LP

And this beauty I picked up earlier today from post office. I crew up with speed/trash/death/grind metal and I clearly remember how amazed I was when I came across with this band for the first time and specially with this record, Last Warrior. 85 more words

Old Ones

Enlarge Your Tentacles, Overnight! For Free!

From March 13th through the 17th, get Enlarge Your Tentacles, Overnight! For free.

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Flying Saucer Attack: Land Beyond The Sun 7"

Found this beauty while I was going through my seven-inches. Used to listen quite a lot this band years ago and I was surprised that I even still have this. 59 more words

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