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Black and white Fridays

Last week I posted an old photo of my gram, and this week I have another. This time with my grandpa on their wedding day. I can’t help but think how rad it would have been there on that day (the fact that I didn’t yet exist notwithstanding).

My Life

April 17 - My Personal Year Of Gratitude, Day 107 - Throwback Thursday

Today I am grateful for Throwback Thursday.

Though, just between you and me, I would’ve called it “Flashback Friday.” But no matter. Whoever started it had a great idea. 502 more words


She Aced Her "Labor" Exam

December 1988: Kathy Boller-Koch takes her last exam in the morning, and gives birth to her daughter Kathryn Ann that afternoon.  Mother and baby still doing fine 25 years later.

Old Photos

Amarillo, one of the last great American Classics

Photo of Tascosa Drive In in 1967. (From the Amarillo Graffiti site.)

As someone who’s oft called an “old soul,” I feel comfortable in the Rilla. 177 more words


Collective Memory

Memory – in all its forms – is another topic that fascinates me, and since today appears to have been a good day for thinking about this, the token poem, unsurprisingly tackles the same theme. 150 more words


Self envy

There’s a photo showing me in my early 30s on an island in the middle of a lake, with my two sons, aged about 3 and 4. 134 more words