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Gulf Oil spill (Nihilist Poem #2)

God is dead

dead and heavy

like the head that wears the crown

he’s brown

his speeches of love

are intellectual

but ineffectual

to an angry mob that sobs… 155 more words


Be a Lady

Be a lady

sit up straight

don’t slouch, don’t pout

and be afraid

the nail that stands out

gets hammered down

you’re round, slim down… 217 more words


The Wolf's Apocalypse

See my broken down world,
it was once a dream.

The vivid blue sky I used to know,
has faded to shades of grey.

Walking along the path I paved not long ago, 103 more words

Alone, but with you

After you have come then gone I lay where we were,
and try to sleep.

Your scent lingers for a bit;
I take it in while I still can. 38 more words

Into the Black and Blue

A down pour of tears at a time my world is slowly flooding,
I was not prepared for this.

Deeper and deeper I sink,
I’m drowning more each day. 54 more words

A daily dose of poetry

It’s been a while since I’ve made a daily post here, what with my schedules being messed up and stuff. I’m probably part-vampire now, with my shift being at 9 PM to 6 AM for my OJT. 147 more words

Michael Trespicio