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Throwback Thursday || Poetry From High School

Star Girl

They looked at her

But not at her heart

They were scared to Because they would have gotten attached

To who she was… 83 more words


Wealth in reserve

Recite prayers -
one hundred and eight and twenty
and one – inhale – and end.  

Do all backs sing through the white noise?
Applied Gaussian blur; I undetail… 41 more words


He was like the creek
and those cedar trees

like chamomile,
and peppermint, and apple tea

like marathons of reruns,
like Pinterest,
like welcome pain, 79 more words


too much coffee

make friends

spend time being pretty

make prettier babies

raise them,

ruin them,

start over?


please tell me your secrets 

then i’ll feel better. 70 more words


A daily dose of Poetry, flashbacks.

It’s about 11 AM in the morning and I’m just updating the Prose and Poetry section with the poems I haven’t posted yet. Occured to me that I probably wrote a new poem every week back then, words just flowing out of my pen, 238 more words

Michael Trespicio

3 year-old poem

I was so worried this
week, in fact, that depression
had dissolved all
sexual craving from my body.
And that the one thing
we were truly great at… 149 more words