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Old Poem Saturday - Quatrain by Blake

Today’s poem is “To See A World In A Grain of Sand” by William Blake (1757-1827). William Blake is a poet after my own heart – he was an esteemed self-taught painter and engraver, illustrating his own poems as well as such classics as the Divine Comedy and the Book of Job. 20 more words


Ribbon in a Twinkling Haze

Feathers lay on the frosted pane

content and distorted

as I once lay against you

when your rhythmic body pressed against mine

Random Shit X (11/25/2012)

Don’t think of it as an occupation.
Think of it as a proclamation
for immediate emancipation
from this indoctrination.
Slip yourself into meditation,
feel yourself rise to the occasion. 135 more words


Random Shit VIII (2/29/2012)

Welcome all to my world of mystery
Full of doghouses of misery
With people not learning from history
And attitudes like the weather – blistery. 86 more words


The Fool: a set of old conceits, since discarded (mostly)

“0” is my name,

I have no one to fear, and no one to blame

And stand at the brink of nothingness

For everything’s a game- 660 more words


Gear Up, 3.0 (Old Pieces)

My darkened mind is slowly being illuminated.

The cage of my pale ghost has been blown open;

The three voices have become one.


The demon and the artist and the tamer, 183 more words



You are like the wind, ever blowing into my life
And then disappearing like a wisp of a breeze

A touch of a hand along the nape of my neck… 47 more words