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the dreams that tire and the sleep which exhausts it (10.02.16)

i wake up


and cold.


my headhearthead is pounding and i can’t remember (why)

but i 


have that sinking feeling



i’ve been listening to ankles… 96 more words

If I were to build a time machine...

…It would take me back to the
sunny smiles, crêpes, and cuddles
hands reaching for hands
fingers twining like vines

(Now gnarled, dried, dead)

It would show me the moment’s… 204 more words



How things have changed between us
since the last time we parted ways,
I no longer see that swagger in your walk
nor that glint of mischief on your face… 167 more words



Darkness falls around me,
evil lurks wherever I tread
afraid to reach out, my hands frozen
in fear I wallow, I might as well be dead… 60 more words


Still Growing

Growing up is such a wonderful thing
a blissful affair, wrought with worries imagined
One day, the sun rises and as usual, it sets
We laugh it seems for hours, then suddenly lost in distress… 102 more words


Once, Long Ago

I have grown to love you
It’s so true
You have entered my life to be
the one love that could never be
But lest you forget, please remember… 138 more words


Figment of Imagination

A figment of imagination is all I am…
Yet you expect me to,
Talk to you,
To make you laugh,
To make you cry,
To hold you, 20 more words