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An Old Soul in a Young Body

Yesterday, I decided to go down to Revere Beach and just explored the area a bit. I found a small spot that was across from a bunch or rocks that jetted out in to the ocean. 363 more words

I am so blessed. Amen.

I started work about a month ago and what a month it has been! The people I have met and the places have been. Not to mention the food I got to eat. 315 more words

Old Soul

(Working) Artist Statement

It is not easy being born in the wrong decade. But then again, maybe it is.

I am an artist that works with two majorly different mediums: paper and digital modeling software. 250 more words

My Work

Another Thing about Spirit Guides and Previous Lives

So more and more people are coming around to say that they have one or more spirit guides with them.


Spirit Guides, as I have learned, can be anyone from previous lives, or something completely new to you. 386 more words

The Eyes Have It, James....

This photo is untouched (apart from cropping)…..his Birth Certificate says 6 years of age but his eyes…….??

P.S: This is my ‘adopted grandson’, James. His father is English and his mother Ni-Vanuatu. 13 more words


New Noise Magazine | Onward, etc.

The fine folk over New Noise Magazine are offering an exclusive download of Onward, etc. track, “Old Soul!” Get your punk folk on for the weekend, y’all!


old soul eyes

Oh, yes, Mozart has them
‘though he’s not past twelve
old soul eyes…
there in Greuze’s portrait
for he looked
through windows
in a music room… 80 more words