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I wonder what i'm running from...

&&will it ever catch me?

Trying to figure out “who we are” is one of the most complicated and over-written concepts I struggle with. Apparently, we have to know exactly who we are to be taken seriously, to be loved, to have feelings, to be successful…. 389 more words

ABCs of Summer—Old Soul

According to a highly scientific and ever-reliable internet quiz, I would have done well during the Victorian period. This was concluded based on my ability to identify a button hook and willingness to wear a corset. 309 more words

Outside The Box

Throwback Thursday: The night I lived each stage of life,

The other week, I got to be a child again. My friends and I walked through town to the play ground. We swung. We tetter-tottered. We laughed like children. 116 more words

Summer Before Sophomore Year

learning how to "feel"

I have felt very introspective lately. But I almost feel more confused than ever about how.. i.. feel. I know when you are writing you are never supposed to use the same work twice or multiple times. 610 more words

Chaka Khan performing at Macy's Music Fesitval

I had the pleasure of attending the Macy’s Music Festival in Cincinnati this weekend. Charlie Wilson & Chaka Khan really killed it!


God-less, but not without faith.

It would be so much easier during the bad times to have something to “turn to” like the religious folk of the world do. Be able to say, “Jesus, take the wheel” and continue through life with the belief that some external force would guide me in the right direction. 579 more words

you are no cliche.

You know that feeling when you have an itch in the back of your throat? No matter what you do, or how good your intentions to stop the uncomfortable, you cannot scratch the itch? 363 more words