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Throwing Stuff Out

I’m a hoarder. I’m probably one of the worst along with my Mum and Nanna. I never throw anything out. I still have baby clothes and books and toys and EVERYTHING. 195 more words


dust bunny wonderland

My name isn’t Vincent.

I don’t know why, but most people call me Vince, or V. I stick with it, never care to correct anyone. I let people call me what they want. 1,504 more words


Return to sender.

Our last Christmas in Chicago, people sent Christmas cards from all over the country. One of the many old-timey things that I indulge in, sending and hoping to receive… 201 more words

Opposite Day

Things I learned from moving

This past weekend we moved into a new residence. New neighborhood, new zip code, the whole nine yards. There are a few things I learned over the last week. 344 more words

Cheap Photo-Editing

Other pictures from my old mobile phone


Old Stuff

My bigger catch

It’s been a long day by the river,

It was beautiful, I felt the wind, the water had a tempting chill,

I could’ve gone for a swim but I held in, against my will. 295 more words


Jack is dead.

This is the fact I should begin with.

He’s been dead for three month now, and I’m responsible for it. Not that it matters, but I have to tell. 1,529 more words