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Document Neupfarrplatz in Regensburg

In Neupfarrplatz, one of the largest main squares of Regensburg, there is a big church called the Neupfarrkirche.   Tucked behind that church is a triangular metal structure containing a door.  663 more words


Some old stuff

I decided to look through some old writing, some of what I may post over the next few weeks, months (depends) may be from 2006 to about 2009.  55 more words

Old school home brew art

My talented friend and player Johan drew this picture of the player party back in 1989 something. We played AD&D back then, and these characters had a lot of mileage under their belts. 112 more words


Year Zero

I was interviewed recently for an online magazine in which I was asked where the Dweeblings actually came from. I cited my University’s art history notepads and how I found things I scrawled in there as far more interesting than most of the ‘proper’ art I did. 163 more words



He said

Through a dozen sticky notes

Stuck to

My second period class desk

That he loved me;

And for some



Some treacherous monstrous selfish reason… 12 more words

Is it nicer than now? :-D http://www.soopsori.sg

These old stuff are the 1st wooden bear of soopsori.I didn’t know as well. :(

Now we are using elastic band for connecting each part and let the bear move easily.

834 more words
Sound Of Soopsori.sg


If you want to see another side of me, bring me to the sea and watch me snorkel. Head underwater, I soon realize that in this vast pool of greens and blues there are no problems, no complicated thoughts, no lingering hurt and no fleeting bliss. 148 more words