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Jeremiah 6

Get out! Flee! Evil is coming from the north – a cruel people with no mercy!

This chapter fills our heads with a picture of the horror of an invasion that now seems imminent. 306 more words


5 Problems In American Churches

In over two decades of attending churches in America, I have encountered five main problems therein. Sometimes only one is present; sometimes a combination thereof, but they are as follows: 2,244 more words


In Praise of the Nerds

Explanation of “cartoon”: Sources are Greek mythology and Vedic Scripture. This cartoon is sorta a follow-up to the cartoon in the last post. “ 205 more words


The 10 Commandments In The New Testament

I have heard far too many people say, “The laws of the Old Testament were for ‘back then.’ We live in the New Testament era, so those laws don’t apply to us any longer.” This is a blatant disregard of facts. 104 more words

Schnappschuss/Snapshot 23-29 November: Joshua 4-10

Abschnitte der Woche:

Josua 4-10


Die ganze Nation hatte gerade ein Wunder im grossen Stil erlebt und sie wurden angewiesen ein Steindenkmal am Jordan aufzurichten als Erinnerung für zukünftige Generationen (es war eine gängige Denkmalform im Altertum, z.B. 2,440 more words

Bible Snapshots

"Same Ole" Testament: The Gospel According to Zechariah, Part 1

It’s been awhile since we’ve dealt with, you know, the actual Bible on here.  As a remedy, I’m starting a 5 part series on one of the most beautiful, if overlooked, portions of the Old Testament.   468 more words