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The Death of a Pacifist

As a child, my parents taught me to abhor violence.  From “don’t hit your brother” to “violence never solves anything”, I was indoctrinated with pacifist and liberal ideas from the time I was old enough to walk.  1,759 more words

Christian Apologetics

I’ve Got Your Back: Spiritual Leadership

James Galvin’s I’ve Got Your Back, A Leadership Parable: Biblical Principles for Leading and Following Well (2012) revolutionized the way I think about leadership. I have never read a book on leadership before and may never do so again. 1,643 more words


Genesis 20-22

It is here we learn that Abraham and Sarah are siblings, but only half siblings if it’s any consolation.

This is also the part where Sarah, who had so desperately wanted a son that she urged her husband to be with their servant, insists that they cast Ishmael out into the desert. 397 more words


Blurred Vision

Genesis 31

Drama seems to follow Jacob everywhere. Maybe some of you guys can relate. Esau. Isaac. Rachel. Leah. Laban. When is he going to get a break? 536 more words

Pastor Matt

Summary of my forthcoming M.Div. Thesis

Title: The thesis title will be “Composed with Intent: A Literary and Thematic Argument for the Theological Purpose of Lamentations.”

Thesis: Claimed: When the compared to contemporary, Ancient Near Eastern laments the biblical book of Lamentations is seen to be highly purposeful; when Lamentations is studies within this context, this purpose is found to be profoundly theological. 183 more words


Jesus in Every Book of the Old Testament

This week we concluded a 14-week series on Jesus in the Old Testament, and we went out with a bang! I put together a reading to close out the series which was read by my friend Jamie Fox. 983 more words


Fun Facts

I learned three mind-blowing things yesterday.

1) Birthstones were inspired by the Bible! There were 12 tribes with 12 gemstones, and each stone represented the banner of that tribe… which also translates to 12 months of the year! 239 more words

Brief Thoughts