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Happy Birthday Buddy!

15 years of friendship and counting! Wow how on earth have we put up with eachother all this time? #therealquestion.
Seen as your getting so old, I figured I’d remind you of some of our greatest adventures and memories so far; 1,052 more words

Good Ol' Days

Burning the Bra - the Ash is still falling!

The ash of all those brassieres that were burnt by ladies wanting¬†equality with men, is still falling to earth today! ¬†I m one of the ladies who kept hold of the bra (white and made of good strong cotton – of course!) ¬† ¬†What they inadvertantly… 762 more words

Daily Meander

Just Like Old Times

“Put your fucking hands up!” yelled the DJ.

“What if I don’t want to put my hands up anymore?” Carson slurred, cracking up at his own joke. 1,226 more words

Lost in time

I saw those windows and they made me travel to some old times where we had to time to sit and gaze at the morning sunshine, when there was time to simply breathe with no rush.

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A little white lie

So all my high school BFFs are in town and miraculously we managed to set aside some time for all of us to hang out together. 229 more words


[Jeju_HIDDEN VIEW] The Dumaegi Alley and Garden of Memories

The Jeju government is trying to share less well-known views and hidden locations that aren’t included in the usual Jeju Island tour itineraries. This is also something we want to do here on the Jeju Tourism Blog, so for this post we’re going to introduce a pretty Jeju City alley way that is full of art and murals for people of all ages. 311 more words

Jeju Island

Taking Things For Granted

One of the things I learned while living overseas is how many little things we take for granted….and how vital they are to our current way of life. 395 more words