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The Good Old Days Are Still Here.

We’ve all said that the good old days are long gone. Their not. We just let them fade away into our past. Let’s bring them back into our future. 214 more words

Good ol' days

You know when you were a kid, and you’d run outside to knock on your friend’s door, and you’d stand leaning in their doorway as they sat on their hallway floor forcing their shoes on their feet, then you’d run together up the street, or to wherever you’d play, and you could do it every day. 231 more words



Arriving late in the evening from Madrid, my hotel is conveniently situated among the arts centre of Mont Juic and many of the cultural sites of the city. 456 more words

Theatre Lovers

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill "Meanwhile Back At Mama's" - The Peanut Gallery

In her new segment “The Peanut Gallery,” Christy McLeap breaks down her favorite country songs. WARNING: The following may contain comments from the peanut gallery while listening to “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s” by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill. 348 more words


Experiences: Games and Stuff

I fondly remembered the days when I was a child and I did not have to cope with the pressure of the modern world. We played under the brightly shining sun, drinking “ 885 more words


old entries.

passing life by the river of time
our souls lose vitality like a rhyme

days when laughter accompanies us
or when sadness thoroughly destroys

havocs of heart slowly mortalize… 145 more words


Julie - Memories

Can you remember,
the good old times?

When roses grew on other places?
We just passed them by.
Over the years,
we came more often, 34 more words

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