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Da Style Of Da Punk!

I was never into punk culture. But, I loved their hair. Always. And their body piercings, and tattoos.

Visually, punks are a delight.

Digital Fun

Charleston, A Town Fit for a King

Charleston is without a doubt one of the prettiest towns I have ever seen. My couchsurfing host was very nice and said I could stay for a couple of weeks which was wonderful.   445 more words


Digging into the treasure chest of the goo'ol'times

Today’s prompt: Salad Days

I had motherhood all figured out. Then I had children. Since then, it has all been learning about strengths I did not know I had and fears I did not know existed. 409 more words



In the old times only the small percentage of the population was rich, privileged and noble,  the bigger percentage was the commoners , peasants.

In those days most of the population worked for the wealthy, and they couldn’t get anything else but a simple living out of the deal. 244 more words


The true meaning of being nostalgic

Just 2 days ago, my mid semester exam got over which was going on for a last 7 days, I had exam every alternate day, and for the last paper, there was not enough time to study, but on the contrary the last exam went very well and as compared to the previous 4 papers, I think I will get a good score. 441 more words