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85 miles southwest of Mayberry ( Lenoir NC 1961)

When I look back on my life, the early part of it could have been filmed in black and white. It had the look of an early episode of the Andy Griffith show, but it was by no means filmed in Mayberry. 3,477 more words

Eddie Pitts

The smell of old wood

I recently went to Kerala to visit our “family temple” for the first time. When I was a little girl, I used to spend my summer vacation in Palaghat, where my grandparents lived. 406 more words


This Is A Menu Of Services Available For Purchase At A London Whore House In 1912

What we have here is “allegedly” a menu from a London brothel that dates bate to 1912, you know, back when you could have a woman rub your nuts with a feather (but not breach your asshole with it) all for $3.85. 136 more words


Train Your Wife In Five Easy Lessons ... LOL

My How Times Have Changed

 ” Teach her to:

Fetch your slippers & pipe

Massage your feet

Serve you ice cold beer & snacks

Sit quietly while you browse your favorite TV channels 

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Bears and the Honey Pot

I discovered this old postcard today, and wow, have the times changed. Hard to imagine that bears were fed honey in our Sequoia National Park.  Too bad we had to learn our lesson at the expense of the bears.

Sequoia National Park

Revisiting Old Times

This weekend I took my niece and nephew on a small day trip to explore the mountains. My intention was to visit a small town that I remember going to as a kid, in search of  stones we could fashion into trinkets, small tokens to remember good times. 455 more words


The Good Old Days

By courtesy of Shropshire historian and author David Trumper (an old – in the nicest sense of the word! – friend from the days of Shrewsbury folk club), here’s a photo of the ceilidh band Haywain that certainly rang bells for me. 117 more words

Dave Trumper