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The Plus Side Of Getting Older

  • No one expects you to stay out late.

As you have gotten older and realised that a good mattress is the key to not waking up with a bad back, you start to appreciate any good night of rest you can get. 410 more words


I remember a time shortly after finishing high school. My friends and I were lying down in a row on the grass, looking up at the stars. 28 more words


I'm too old for FOMO, I have CCLAMO

I’m 41. Will be 42 soon. And I look about 32. I can’t grow heavy facial hair. I think that keeps up the illusion of youth. 248 more words

45,000-Year-Old Man's Genome Sequenced

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A 45,000-year-old leg bone from Siberia has yielded the oldest genome sequence for Homo sapiens on record — revealing a mysterious population that may once have spanned northern Asia. 652 more words