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Vexed With Monotony

always the same jokes
flat characters surround me
please please please please leave


Victorian England or someplace

One of me is lying in my bed in modern day england but there is another walking through the streets of London and I can see her. 914 more words


Ashes of Roses

As paint manufacturers know, there is poetry to the names of colors which influences the way that people respond to said colors. Sadly, the newer names invented by sundry marketers, “taste-makers”, business people, and other such scallywags are often not as euphonic to my ear as the old classic names (although the people at Crayola are pretty good at coming up with jaunty color names which have a whisper of classic beauty). 166 more words


I can smell it

I can smell a theme cooking with the similarities between the last few photos I posted. This one was totally by chance and I didn’t intend to keep the contrast theme going but I just happened to open a folder in my archives from this month and this is the first photo I saw. 137 more words