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The Trouble With Older Men And Younger Women



“I’ve been seeing a younger woman (11 years younger), who I suspect is just using me for sex. I’m 37, so in the beginning it was okay but now I’m looking for something more serious and I think she still wants to keep things open. 494 more words


In the past month the most reoccurring thought I have had was, “Why doesn’t anyone stand out as the best fuck of my life?”

Well World!!! 119 more words

Older Men

Mr. Big

I met Mr. Big exactly one year ago. I’m 35 years his junior and it doesn’t phase me in the least.

But he has also given me unrealistic expectations. 73 more words

Older Men

Me Eve? You Apple?

So, I wasn’t the only person John was talking to….. SHOCKER -__-


I am really mad at myself because I am a complete idiot to have ever wasted my time talking to him. 333 more words


When I first started dating J, I thought he would have…. issues performing certain acts in the private arena.

I guess it’s because I’ve seen too many ads for the little blue pill, but for some reason, I had this strong notion that J would need some help in order to keep up with me sexually. 573 more words



Now you if you do a search for men close to my age range within the city I live, its a pretty tragic mish-mash of fat grey bogans. 1,260 more words

To Fuck or Not to Fuck... That is Surely the Question

So the guy I told you about, who called me on Saturday……lets call him…….Christian. He called me today.

He informed me that he was angry because I didn’t call him back and ……. 248 more words