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The Older Woman

Why is she so attractive? She has years of experience and knows what she wants. Confident, proud and full of hidden talents. A Unicorn in it’s own way. 59 more words


January 17...

I just searched an old, old love-interest on-line and discovered to my surprise that he has passed. He was my first true love for eight years in grammar school, and ours was a torrid love affair of cut-out valentines and stolen kisses from at least first to fourth grade. 146 more words

Transmitting Hope

One gains perspective with age. It’s not that younger people don’t have valid perspectives; it’s just that they don’t always have enough experience to interpret circumstances in their lives and determine how to best maneuver through them. 597 more words


Baby on the Brain

Maybe it was the fact that I was so in love with Clark.  Maybe it was the fact that I had just passed another anniversary of my miscarriage.  1,805 more words

Me And Clark Kent

I lost it yesterday: Update

I was not in a good mood yesterday. I was angry that the first roommate my husband recruited was a young female friend of his. Then my day got worse. 653 more words

Divorce At 60

My Late Commute

So, I am taking the leap.  Despite being here nearly two months, I have not yet posted any of my short fiction, and that has to change.   1,090 more words

Erotic Fiction

Filing the papers

I finally got an answer from my husband about when he is planning to file the papers to start the divorce. I didn’t know whether he would apply his standard 6-month delay to it, like everything else that involves me. 460 more words

Divorce At 60