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What is the deal with younger men and older woman?

I mean I do not have a problem seeing why an older woman would want a younger man. He is eager, fit and looks good. He is also more likely to accommodate you in the way you want, rather than the way he wants. 278 more words


Younger Man: What's not to love?

I’m reading Callie Hart‘s Deviant right now, and I have to say, I’m hooked. It’s the perfect blend of story (dark story, which I love) and sex (dark sex, which I also love). 320 more words

Hell, Yes!

As an “older” woman who is barraged continuously with images on the internet, social media, television, magazines, and billboards, I have found myself thinking this so often about the hot, young bodies knowing all the while that without Photoshop, they would not look like that at all. 353 more words


I put myself on the dating market in the last few months.  I haven’t been really committed to finding someone to share my life with.  I have been selfish and like that I live alone, I can date who I want and I can take my time and not rush into anything that has to do with my heart. 818 more words


85. Jerry Hat-Trick

After being abandoned by his 30-year-old second wife for a younger man to start the family she always wanted, a 60-year-old business man with a penchant for younger women is surprised to find himself falling for his 65-year-old interior decorator and must enlist the help of his first wife to find a way to woo this older woman before she retires and is gone from his life forever.


You don't bring me flowers any more

It took him only about a week to pick up my speech patterns and little behaviors. He imitates me perfectly, and when he does it I realize things about myself I didn’t even know.  779 more words


Isabella's Ghost

She wore a chignon in her hair

pulling it tightly from her face

Aragon’s image carved by time

the walking ghost of Isabella.


She moved along with quiet grace… 103 more words