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Don't make me laugh at old people, but old age and ageists: about them YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS, says PC

Smug and condescending and/or revered and masterly (depending on your point of view) 64-year-old Jeremy Paxman, recently retired presenter of the BBC’s flagship political programme… 1,417 more words

You can't take the Kath out of the Kate!

My first blog was Kath sitting in front of a blank blog. Nine months later, Kate announced that she had finished her book about Kath and then three months later, announced that she had done a kindle of her book. 185 more words


How Do I Get Spiritually Healthy? (a study of Titus - Part 10)

The GLUTE MACHINE works on your, uh, glutes.  When I mentioned this machine in an earlier post, I misspelled it GLUT.  A glut machine would be something quite different! 513 more words

Spiritual Health

How Do I Get Spiritually Healthy? (a study of Titus - Part 9)

A third machine that I use is called the “SEATED LEG CURL” machine.  At my age I’m always looking for somewhere to sit down (I think standing is greatly overrated).  313 more words

Spiritual Health

Can single, childless, older women live better in all-female communities? asks PC

As most of you are aware by now, I’m ‘older’ (59), single and childless. What you may not know is that I also live in a cohousing community. 1,509 more words

Seduced by a Cougar and everything in between

Me, Tim and Hanz had been saving for a trip to Sydney for a while. There was a special deal going with Jetstar so we snapped up three tickets. 1,153 more words

lady, they don't make them like they used to


“Why isn’t there a Clark Gable in my generation?” your sister sobs.

Little Mei is watching Gone with the Wind. The colored version. You open your mouth to make a scathing comment, but just then Vivien Leigh as Scarlett flounces across the screen. 627 more words