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"Jaw With John" - Boyfriend Has Lived In Cougar Town

“I found out a while ago that my boyfriend had a “friends with benefits” relationship with someone 16 years older.

The first time I heard about it I ignored him for a day. 241 more words


The atmosphere of male games.

Last night I sat in a comfortable chair at the mall and watched people walk by. Instead of comparing myself to how these people looked, I let myself merge into their world. 512 more words


One of Those Beautiful People

I liked how they looked on her, those creases.  Wrinkles curved around her mouth when she smiled…and when she didn’t. You could see her former struggles etched across her face and you could see her former joys crisscrossed on top of those. 421 more words


Gyms for the non-athletic.

I joined a gym at the beginning of the year. After three days of using a treadmill, I could barely walk. I need help but the trainers charge $50 an hour. 494 more words


He's Ben 10, What's Your Superpower?

So over the weekend I decided to watch the film Their Eyes Were Watching God, an adaptation of the novel by Zora Neale Hurston. Of course for the umpteenth time, but then again a good movie never goes out of style. 464 more words

South Africa

Abuse and older women

Another interesting issue dealt with on the Women’s Health website that doesn’t crop up very often is the abuse of older women.

Whilst older women face the same issues as any person experiencing domestic abuse, there are some extra challenges too: 86 more words


Laying The Groundwork For Age 50

Hi!  Sorry about that, I’ve been hiding under a blanket for the last few weeks. I was pretty sleepy.

A year ago, I came across… 190 more words