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Outdated attitudes towards older people

Australia, like many other countries, is currently considering raising the retirement age. This is a very simplistic response to the fact that we continue to live longer, making us a perceived burden in terms of increased pensions. 442 more words


What does retirement actually mean these days?

Treasurer Joe Hockey’s announcement yesterday of the likelihood that the official retirement age for Australians will be increased to 70, raises the question of what retirement actually means these days. 433 more words

Older unemployed have been out of work longer since the Great Recession

This chart, from the April 7, 2014 Economic Letter from the San Fransisco Federal Reserve, illustrates the median length of unemployment in weeks, with the shaded areas representing recessions as defined by the National Bureau of Economic Research. 173 more words


Portraits of working in later life

Photographer Rick Booth is compiling a series of photographic portraits of people working into later life, and he’s looking for willing subjects.

Are you over 65 and still in full time work? 199 more words

Guest Bloggers

Tips for Mature Job Seekers: on Find a Job Fridays 02.28.14

JOIN’s Career Coaches Renie Bonar and Laynette Evans are joined by Stephanie Tadder, Branch Manager for Kelly Services, to discuss employment barriers encountered by MATURE JOB SEEKERS, and tips for overcoming them.


Consultation on age discrimination

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has recently launched a six-week consultation on its draft guidance covering legislation banning age discrimination against people using public or private services. 71 more words

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The obsolete workforce: Ageism and lookism in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is said to be one of the most ageist work places in America. In the UK, research suggests that staff in the IT industry are perceived to be ‘old’ when still chronologically young (30 or 35). 229 more words

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