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Middle Child Syndrome

Hello! It’s me, Robin (also known as PrettyShulammite), and I am one of the sisters of HomeschooledChic (aka Toni).  It’s three of us girls and I’m right in the middle.  245 more words



M/V Millennium Uno, a vessel owned by Millennium Shipping of the Floirendos of Davao enjoys a unique distinction — she is the oldest RORO still extant in the Philippines if two old cargo RORO LCT’s (which are technically RORO’s too) are excluded from the count. 483 more words

Ship Feature

World's Oldest Computer Is Really Old

The Antikythera Mechanism, sometimes called the “world’s oldest computer,” is even older than previously thought, according to researchers.

The remarkable astronomical mechanism was discovered in 1901 amongst the wreckage of a Greek ship believed to have sunk sometime between 85 B.C. 307 more words



Speaking of oldies but goodies, The Scenic Railway at Luna Park in Melbourne opened to the public on Dec. 13, 1912, and has remained in operation ever since. 25 more words


The Oldest and Biggest Stadiums in the Current NFL

The two oldest stadiums in the NFL (one quite a bit older than the other) are also the two that come to mind when you think of classic old-school football. 581 more words