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St Andrews Golf Course – The Oldest Golf Course In The World

While no one knows the first time golf was played at the St. Andrews Golf Course, it is still considered the oldest golf course in the world. 27 more words

She's My Mini Me

The other day, I found this image, and it made both me and my oldest daughter break out into a fit of laughter.

Why? Because we knew just how true that statement is. 228 more words

365 Day Blog Challenge

Faraci Pizza - Best Pizza

Read our review of Faraci Pizza – one of the oldest family owned pizzeria’s in St Louis, MO. The owner, Vince, see’s every pizza that is made and approves it before serving it to any customer whether they are dining in or carrying out. 17 more words

Bakin' Bacon

One morning, Oldest Son requested I bake some bacon. He was on a bacon crush a lot in November of 2011, and I happily acquiesced as bacon, after all, is one of God’s most perfect foods (with apologies and no insults intended to anyone who doesn’t eat pork). 181 more words


4/13/2014 - Quote of the Day

“An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal imbalance of all republics.” – Plutarch

If you like the quote for the day, you can find this and 1.8 million more gift ideas at… 7 more words


Every Breath I Take

I’ve always called the song “Every Breath You Take” (sung by Sting of The Police) the ‘stalker song’, because of the lyrics. I don’t understand why people say they love it as I find it creepy and change the channel when it comes on the radio. 261 more words