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Is Spring that far behind?

Making for Saddleworth by the East Coast line offers a ride through the Pennines. Even if the train from Huddersfield was creaky, the windows gave onto to the bleak hilltops, all dusted with snow. 69 more words

Grassroots' Big abirdabode takes shape

abirdabode’s second week at Grassroots and the group worked hard to get the big abirdabode standing. Neil, Kelly, Nathan and Kenny built up the last two side frames and covered them in exterior ply whilst Mason and Paddy set to work ‘carefully’ dismantling some old wooden doors. 203 more words


Crunch time for councils

I WRITE ahead of a Full Council meeting at which your councillors will – or at least certainly should – feel a huge weight of responsibility. 1,290 more words

Thursday 18th December - Sunday 21st December

Hi All,

The question on everyone’s lips is. “Will it snow on Christmas Day?”. I’m afraid the prospect at the moment isn’t looking good. Latest forecasts suggest temperatures around 7°C and windy with showers. 213 more words


Born and Bred

My loose idea of nationality has always been based on the phrase ‘born and bred’.

I was ‘born and bred’ in Wales, with Welsh culture and traditions, so I consider myself Welsh, even though my father is English. 388 more words


Jack Skellington the Birdbox- a head of two halves!

Bronagh’s Bird Box

My bird box is of Jack Skellington and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I chose this because I love the film as it interests me because it is very unusual the animation is unique. 188 more words


Thursday 11th December - Sunday 14th December

Updated Wed 10th December at 17:15

Hi All,

The unsettled and the generally cold, windy weather continues.

Thursday sees the windy conditions stick around with strong gusts especially in the showers. 249 more words