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Barrier Breakers have green fingers (and red and blue and yellow...)

Our second visit to the brilliant Barrier Breakers and it was time to get painting, once we’d finished construction of the nest boxes that is… 338 more words


Anne Kirkbride Legacy Gift

Blogden Borough Council, will shortly announce the legacy gift and what it going to bring. To keep the memory of Anne alive. We where all sadden when we found out about the death of Anne Kirkbride, a former citizens and famous face from Blogden. 296 more words

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The Tank Bank in Oldham

Oldham Tank Week – 11-16 February 1918

In February 1918 tank 141 ‘Egbert’ arrived outside the Town Hall in Oldham. Tanks had become immensely popular after their use in the Battle of Cambrai in November 1917 and the National War Savings Committee used this new ‘wonder weapon’ as part of a nationwide campaign to persuade people to buy War Bonds and War Saving Certificates. 683 more words

World War One

Thursday 29th January - Sunday 1st February


At least we are having a bit of a winter this time after last year’s poor attempt.

After sleet and snow showers Wednesday night, don’t be surprised to wake up to a snow-cover in some places. 179 more words


Making youth votes count

IT’S OFTEN labelled a political ‘giveaway’ – winter fuel allowances, free bus passes and other initiatives – all aimed at the most important constituency of all: those people who actually vote. 1,086 more words

The biggest abirdabode ever is complete!

Success at Grassroots as the big, big abirdabode is finished.

Two days hard work by everyone and the human sized nest box is complete and looking fine! 269 more words


Iron Man saves the birds

Lilly’s Iron Man Nest Box is probably the most complicated in terms of shape and construction due to the number of parts required; one body, one head, two arms and two legs… But not only has it got to look like Tony Stark’s alter ego but Lilly has chosen to make her nest box in the style of a Lego Iron Man. 132 more words