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The good oil

Olives and their oil have been treasured for centuries, and every year at Mulberry Tree Farm we harvest our olives with great pride. And unfortunately to date, we haven’t had much to celebrate post harvest. 273 more words

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What else to collect?

Admittedly as the harvest goes on, some days 8 hours is not spent solid picking. Le Mas de l’Amandier is such a large property that there is plenty to do when your mind gets distracted. 465 more words

Olive Harvest

How many olives in a litre?

Remember those jam jar competitions at school – how many sweets in the jar? Well, one evening whilst relaxing in front of the fire with my glass of local red (post cleaning the olives) I sit down to some brain numbing after being zonked from the days exertions. 256 more words

Olive Harvest

Four seasons

Provence is known for its weather and the colourful flora and fauna produce some incredible lighting and backdrops. The colour contrasts amongst these coupled with the endless ‘soleil’ and ‘azur’ blue sky has attracted many to the region for centuries – artists and piss artists alike :) 187 more words

Olive Harvest

Rainy days

They say you shouldn’t pick when it rains.

Well most people don’t always listen, and as I’ve mentioned everyone has their own opinion in the olive world. 221 more words

Olive Harvest

Man vs. Machine vs. Olive

You’ve probably noticed the archaic way the olives are picked. Brute hand force. The kilos picked from the trees are done by hand – the old fashioned way. 363 more words

Olive Harvest

It's Official!

……And a very exciting day indeed. We are now suppliers of our olive oil to a wonderful hilltop delicatessen. I took them all I had today, 75 litres. 297 more words