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The olive harvest cometh

Oh. My. God. Just when we thought we would have a poor harvest, due to the heavy pruning we did early in the year, we found out today we were totally wrong! 134 more words


Olive picking in Catalonia

Olive oil is a product that is evocative of the good life and of luxury, despite Jamie Oliver drizzling it with wild abandon.  A top quality extra virgin olive oil can be very expensive but having taken part in my first olive harvest this November I now realise why! 465 more words


A beautiful time of year

The day breaks and there is a slight chill in the air. It’s enough to make you reach for a jumper until the sun has made it’s journey high enough into the sky  for it’s rays to banish the chills and warm you through. 529 more words

Cultural Practices In Jordan


No olive should be picked from the ground, and likewise, all drupes displaying signs of olive fruit fly attack should be discarded, because the oxidation processes taking place in these fruits would cause the oil to be rancid. 91 more words

Oil Mill

Ciao, Tuscania!

Yes, I once compared the olive harvest to hell, but it wasn’t all bad. This two-minute video shows that we also had fun, and gives some insight into how olive oil is made. 596 more words

Casa Caponetti

Olive Oil Harvest Dates: California is in a world of its own

For years, the most reputable producers have followed the tradition of the dating olive oil by harvest year, noted as the year in which the harvest began. 128 more words


Trees of plenty, if you can reach them: the olive harvest in the West Bank

What did I think when I began to pick olives for the first time? That it is a musical experience. As you and your fellow olive pickers slide your fingers down the olive branches, persuading the olives to break off and fall to the ground you realise that you are surrounded by a pitter patter sound, like rain drops. 1,295 more words

West Bank