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Popeye CGI animation test

Sony animation studios have released CGI test footage which gives an early look at the new Popeye movie. The footage shown will not feature in the future animated film, as will the voices which have not yet been cast, and is just to give audience a short taster of what is to come. 55 more words


Popeye, The Sailor, Lost At Sea: Death Confirmed by U. S. Navy Seals

My name is Ned Gladd*.  I cover the waterfront.  I am a famous journalist and my beat is the high seas.  If anything happens on the water, I’m there.   995 more words


NEVER KICK A WOMAN (1936) - Popeye and Olive Oyl, (and) a complete bust

(WARNING: Major spoilers abound!)

Popeye and Olive are gazing through the window of a sporting-goods store, watching a buxom near-dominatrix beat up a boxing dummy that bears the sign, “Come In And Try Our Equipment.” (Naw, I’m not going there, and besides, Popeye does it himself later in the cartoon.) 217 more words


Popeye, Olive Oyl, and Swee'Pea in PUTTIN' ON THE ACT (1940) - How can we enjoy your comeback if you won't go away?

Olive brings Popeye a newspaper which reports that vaudeville is making a comeback. (Must be the same paper that reported “Dewey Defeats Truman.”) A delighted Popeye decides to revive the duo’s old act (billed in typical Fleischer style as “Olive and Popeye – Half Song, Half Wit”). 54 more words


Popeye and Olive Oyl in BULLDOZING THE BULL (1938) - Popeye, the animal rights activist

A barker in front of a bullfighting arena offers a free ticket to Popeye to see a bullfight, but he tears up the ticket because bullfighting is “inkind to aminals.” But when sultry senorita Olive Oyl (reprising her make-up routine from… 147 more words


Popeye and Olive Oyl in WIMMEN HADN'T OUGHTA DRIVE (1940) - The mother lode of driving-humor cliches

Popeye bites the bullet and uses his brand-new roadster to “learn” Olive Oyl how to drive.

A few good gags, but this is mostly the template for countless sitcoms of ensuing decades, featuring clueless females trying to man the wheel as their men look on in fright. 71 more words