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The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat - Oliver Sacks

For many of us the thought of suffering from any type of neurological disorder is enough to fill us with dread. Any loss of memory, mental facilities or awareness can be a terrifying prospect for ourselves, and heartbreaking to see in a loved one. 407 more words


Music and Psychotherapy

Music and Psychotherapy

Music has the power

  integration and healing … And that’s the power

  quite important.

Music is the most powerful non-chemical cure.

Oliver Sacks, Awakenings… 3,481 more words

Good News Tuesday: Your Aging Brain Will Be in Better Shape If You've Taken Music Lessons

Music lessons are not just for the young.

Music can have a powerful impact on our brains long past the traditional years of music-making as children. 90 more words

Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks - Review

     What would you know, I have another old book review! Who needs to read new stuff when you can rely on previously done work! Though I am aware that I will very quickly run out of these and actually have to think up some new blog content. 440 more words


Beatlemania, a Balm and Some Psalms for the Bipolar Soul

The first 45 (yes 45!) I ever bought was the Beatles’  “Love, love me do” when I was about seven years old. I bought it at Murphy’s Five and Dime for about a dollar. 723 more words

Spirituality And Mental Health

Thursday Book Roundup: Science Edition

Greetings, fellow Earthlings. Your theme for this week practically oozes sexy, sexy…science. Science is awesome. Science is the reason we have computers and Tumblr.  Need I say more? 841 more words


July 9 in history

455 Roman military commander Avitus was proclaimed emperor of the Western Roman Empire.

1357  Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor assisted in laying the foundation stone of… 842 more words