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Dispatches from the MSPIFF—Part Four

This year’s MSPIFF has been a richer experience for me than last year’s. One of the reasons I was prompted to see more movies at this year’s festival was partly due to having hand-picked all of the films I saw last year, only to find almost none of them particularly noteworthy. 1,361 more words


Innumerable spatial patterns nested, three-dimensionally

“We see then, in Sign, at every level – lexical, grammatical, syntactic, a linguistic use of space: a use that is amazingly complex, for much of what occurs linearly, sequentially, temporally in speech, becomes simultaneous, concurrent, multileveled in Sign. 54 more words


Oliver Sacks - Musicophilia (2007)

A piece of music will draw one in, teach one about its structure and secrets, whether one is listening consciously or not. This is so even if one has never heard a piece of music before.

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Oliver Sacks - Musicophilia (2007)

Another difficulty was mentioned to me by the neurologist and musician Steven Frucht, who himself has absolute pitch. He sometimes experiences a certain difficulty in hearing intervals or harmonies because he is so conscious of the chroma of the notes that compose them.

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Intersensory Spaces

]We all have five senses, but do we use them wisely?

Senses are physiological capacities of organisms that provide data for perception. The senses and their operation, classification, and theory are overlapping topics studied by a variety of fields, most notably  327 more words

Oliver Sacks - Musicophilia (2007)

Although a teaspoon of Mozart may not make a child a better mathematician, there is little doubt that regular exposure to music, and especially active participation in music, may stimulate development of many different areas of the brain – areas which have to work together to listen to or perform music.

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