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It has been discovered and proved over and over again that, it is the times more profitable to do business from customers’ perspective. The question to ask now is that if this is true, and the purpose of establishing your business is to make profit. 446 more words

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist, by Charles John Huffman Dickens

The Parish Boy’s Progress

Published 1838


Character Shaping - Building The Narrative Muscles

Hmm, inspiration for a character!

Thought I’d jot it down quickly before it fades. I need to develop my character shaping skills. Quite interested in writing about real life characters, or representations of particular social class experiences, on the development of  individuals within a narrative form. 288 more words

Creative Writing

The Purpose of Evil Deeds in Dickens' "Oliver Twist"

As my first post, I decided to use an essay I recently wrote for an undergraduate course in Victorian literature. All quotations are directly from the Norton Critical Edition of Charles Dickens’ … 1,597 more words


The Artful Dodger isn't who you think he is

If you were told to name a Charles Dickens novel at random, possibly by someone attempting to prove a theory, there’s a very good chance that you’d say  468 more words

19th Century

Say No To Slavery

Today is Anti-Slavery Day.

In spite of the work of William Wilberforce and many others to abolish it, slavery is still alive and well, and not only in the Third World. 243 more words




By Alex Huggins:  Fiction/Reviews Editor


Fiction can, at times, portray the rather harsh reality of life within the fabricated guise of literature.  Does fiction somehow create a comforting veil for us to safely face some of the more painful truths of life? 516 more words