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Binge Watching FTW: Why Fringe Should be on your List

I want to talk about something today. I want to talk about Fringe. With San Diego Comic Con 2014 at a close, some people are still upset that the show never had a panel. 404 more words


The Impact of One Soul on Another

I finish season 5 of Fringe and what do I want to do? The answer: to watch Fringe again. I am doing exactly that. By myself this time (rewatching Castle with my mom now). 680 more words

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Walter's World

I’ve been asked if Walter is part of the Fringe Forward series, and indeed he is. This is one glimpse of him. (There may be… 41 more words

Peter Bishop

TV From the Crypts: Lilith’s Top 26 Moments From Fringe Season 4

Hello all my fellow Walter Bishop lovers, I pretty much flew through season 4, seeing as how I had forgotten how it was one of my favorites. 1,511 more words

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It's Love After All

Yeah, I said my next post would be parallel Olivia and our Olivia. However, I have just started season 5. For me this means it’ll be another time when I talk about the Olivias. 494 more words

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Olivia or Olivia?

Welcome back! It’s Fringe time again. I’ve reached the point where Sam has said that Peter’s choice of which Olivia will decide whether the device/machine is used for creation or destruction. 499 more words

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How Quickly It Became Complicated

Naturally, I had all these thoughts about Fringe earlier. Yes, I spent the day doing laundry (not the whole day mind you) and watching Fringe. Back to the point though. 756 more words

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