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What's On TV?: Scandal

if you love political drama or just plain drama, then you will love Scandal. The lovely kerry washington plays the main character olivia pope. this show has liv in a love triangle, a backstabbing gladiator, an unorthodox president, everything else in between and more. 102 more words

A Girl's Night In: Inspired by Scandal

This weekend I am returning to Savannah to visit some friends. I’m excited to see them because we’ve all been best friends since high school. I recall so many memorable weekends where we would ditch high school parties to stay in and take Cosmo quizzes and watch Zac Efron movies. 119 more words

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Scandal- "The Price of Free and Fair Elections"

If you didn’t watch the season finale of Scandal, then you are probably one of very few people who didn’t see what happened. To be honest, I just started watching the show and I find it very dramatic. 459 more words

The Michael Kors and Scandal Mash Up You Didn't Know You Needed

Last Thursday was the season finale for Scandal. I am definitely going to miss my weekly dose of Scandal and I am sure many people feel the same way too. 112 more words

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Episode Recap: 5 Highlights From Season 3 Finale

Towards the end of Scandal’s season finale, there’s a scene where President Grant is reeling from an unexpected turn of events (death of his son, finding out his father raped Mellie,) and reaches for a drink with shaky hands. 1,208 more words

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Olivia Pope's Guide To Dressing Professionally Part 1

I must admit I am not a huge fan of neutrals. I tend to gravitate to loud colors and bold prints, but I can’t deny that Olivia Pope’s style is incredibly classy and regal. 125 more words

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"I am the Scandal"

The 3rd season of Scandal is over and after spending one season trying to beat B613 we are back to the origins with Papa Pope back being Command…It seems that just Harrison has been noticing that he has been fooling all around.  109 more words

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