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Penelope's 11 Month Photos :::: Park Fun

For both girls, for the first year, we took photos every month. Each girl has a certain stuffed animal we’d take their pics with to show how much the kids grow every month. 285 more words


Reaching For Stars III, IV

Thom I

<3 Livvy <3

Joe’s new Skype status depresses me just a little. I wonder if he really does have feelings for me. I’ve never met his girlfriend but – as much as I hate to admit it – I’m pretty jealous of her. 1,521 more words

Reaching For Stars I, II

Olivia I

Everything is spinning. Is that Dan or Joe? Joe or Dan?

I step forward and break out of my bubble. The music comes pouring back in and Joe breaks through the crowd, running up to me, as off his head as I am. 1,860 more words

Olivia fix

My mom may have given the kids undo credit in her comment on the post below. Here’s why the kids were really raking leaves at Gramma and Grampa Great’s this weekend…


Student Spotlight: Mixed Metals Sculpture, by Olivia

Olivia is a sixteen year old writer and artist who enjoys spending her time sewing, first person interpretation acting , and attempting to exchange dairy goats for small children under the age of one. 21 more words


Olivia Gracey, author of "The Allow Factor," goes Q&A on the soon-to-be-released "Sailing Alice Marie"

Hello everyone!  Olivia Gracey, featured recently on Books & Blondes for “The Allow Factor,” has decided to grace us with her effervescent presence today to discuss her latest release, “Sailing Alice Marie.”  I am pleased to have such a talented writer, and good friend, drop by my corner of the cyberverse for another visit! 795 more words

The Orples Visit Swannanoah . View 3

Those pesky little Orples are at it again. They reprimanded me for posting the wrong photo the other day (see Swannanoah . View 1), and have insisted I come back and re-post. 54 more words