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Machu Picchu

Aguascaliente isn’t my favorite place in the world. It’s a tourist trap with Bob Marley playing everywhere. But hey, suck it up ‘cause you definitely want to see Machu Picchu! 140 more words

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The Train to Machu Picchu

Due to the nearly 8,000 foot altitude, ever-shifting earth, and popularity of Machu Picchu, getting to this Unesco World Heritage Site has its challenges.  Located deep in the Andes Mountains of southern Peru, your best bet for getting there is by train. 254 more words


Bullfight in Ollantaytambo

I studied abroad in Peru winter of 2012 to observe the effects of tourism on the country’s culture and economy. I went with a group of about ten students, stayed approximately two weeks, and spent the majority of the trip in Cusco, the historical capitol of Peru. 1,475 more words


Inca Ruins

The largest empire in South America belonged to the Incas; a civilization born and bred in Peru. Today, they have left behind just ruins of their fascinating history and I was lucky to enough to visit a few in The Sacred Valley. 439 more words


Peru - Sacred Valley

We hired a taxi driver for the day to drive us around Sacred Valley for the day. First stop was Sacsahuaman. Some argue that it is the greatest Inca ruin outside of Machu Picchu, this complex overlooks the city of Cusco. 1,079 more words


Peru Series Part 2: Activities in and around Cusco

In case you missed it in the first post, here is an index to my next few posts about our trip to Peru:


Matthew Picachu

We arrived in Cusco and decided to stay in the first hostel we saw, even though it wasn’t a hostel but an actual hotel. It was overlooking San Blas square, and we seemed to be the only guests. 846 more words