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Mesoamerican Flag Book

These flag books are a classroom project made by my students while we studied Mesoamerica in ancient civilizations. Across the top you see the Olmec culture which was the “mother culture” for many of the later Central American and Mexican cultures. 250 more words


La Venta 6: Ceremonial Center

The Great Pyramid of La Venta is flanked on both the north and south by large plazas surrounded by raised ceremonial platforms, which today look like hills, bur are all artificial human constructions by the Olmec’s from the early first millennium BC.   53 more words


La Venta 5: Olmec Stelae

The Olmec carved stelae (engraved standing stones) as commemoration or royal achievements or religious events at La Venta.


La Venta 4: Olmec Sculpture

The La Venta site is rich in Olmec sculpture, usually of kings or deities.


On bringing King Yama to his knees in Spelunky

Some 350+ deaths later, I did it–I beat King Yama in Spelunky. For those down with the lingo, you’ll understand that this is no easy thing to accomplish and is generally only the result of day after day… 666 more words


Selfie Reap

There’s something about standing in a place where countless others have taken selfies over the centuries. It’s both comforting and disconcerting to be such an insignificant selfie-taker in a long, long thread of selfier-takers stretching back to the very beginning of time.  1,092 more words

La Venta 2: Olmec Artifacts

The archaeological museum at the La Venta archaeological site contains a number of important Olmec artifacts, dating to the first half of the first millennium BC.