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The Heavens are Telling..Aren't They?

Immortal but not Everlasting –What are the Heavens Telling?
Advent 16
Eggless Egg Salad Wrap

Ask anyone about ancient Egypt and the subject of mummies will be discussed. 1,122 more words

The legend of the brother's shields

For those who had never heard of it there was a show in the nineties called Legends of the Hidden Temple and me growing up in this era I wanted to be on it. 527 more words


Olmecas, la cultura madre.

En estas cosas, nunca escribo sobre algo que no tuve la oportunidad de vivir personalmente, es decir, de estar en el lugar de los hechos. El año pasado, las cosas del destino me pusieron en la ciudad de Villahermosa, en el estado de Tabasco, México, en busca de las famosas Cabezas Colosales Olmecas. 1,446 more words


Mirrors gauge our psychic development

What is the image we really see in the mirror? We recognize ourselves, don’t we? Well, yes, we do as long as we have no neurological afflictions. 1,023 more words


Statue of the week (16) : Olmec Colossal Head n° 8

For this week’s statue of the week we take a trip all the way to Veracruz in Mexico. Well, not literally, but this giant head is a reproduction of an Olmec head and was a gift from the government of Veracruz to Belgium to celebrate the good ties between Mexico and our country. 377 more words


A Physicist's dream

A moment to share, as an outsider observer to a warm celebration of a Polish contributor to the exact sciences with a working base shared between Mexico City and Warsaw during the past 50 years: 329 more words