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Selection Bias Corrections in Julia, Part 1

Selection bias arises when a data sample is not a random draw from the population that it is intended to represent. This occurs when the probability that a particular individual appears in the data depends on variables that also affect the relationships we wish to study. 2,149 more words


One Line Sunday-If

If sex was a person, it would look like Lee Pace.

Lee Pace

STATA Simple Linear Regression for Econometrics with Example

This post will show how to calculate a simple linear regression in STATA, especially for Econometric purposes. 158 more words


Outside Lands 2014

This year, I attended the infamous Outside Lands festival in San Francisco, CA. And I though I’d share with you the amazing deals not only did I get, but my sisters as well! 184 more words


One Line Sunday-A New Love

I found a new love, True Detective.


One Line Sunday- Like

A ‘Like’ can save your whole day.


One Line Sunday-Don't bother

Sometimes I wonder why do I even bother doing things since no one really cares anyway.

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