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One Line Sunday- Confusion

So half of the photography school is done but I still don’t know if I’m good enough to become pro or half pro.

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One Line Sunday- For the last time

I’m so excited I just can’t hide it because next Wednesday the last Hobbit movie is out :)


Why are Old People Grumpy ?

Lets take the idea of the grumpy older person.

Why is it that they are grumpy ?  On the

outside it might appear that they really have… 510 more words


Quarter 1 OLS Validation Retakes Sign Up

If you are interested in retaking your Quarter 1 OLS Validation test to help your Quarter 1 math grade, please read the following information to learn how to sign up for retesting. 134 more words

Homeroom Announcements

One Line Sunday- Candles

The best thing about grey and dull weather outside, is when you can light candles inside.


One Line Sunday-Idiots

One of the reasons why I don’t watch Formula One anymore, is that there’s always an idiot winning the championship.


How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck if a Woodchuck Weighed 850 lbs? Why Linear Regressions Fail At Extrapolation

The BLS uses HQA to evaluate a new product using the pricing relationships that existed in the past to value what the new product would have cost in the past. 964 more words