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One Line Sunday-Idiots

One of the reasons why I don’t watch Formula One anymore, is that there’s always an idiot winning the championship.


How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck if a Woodchuck Weighed 850 lbs? Why Linear Regressions Fail At Extrapolation

The BLS uses HQA to evaluate a new product using the pricing relationships that existed in the past to value what the new product would have cost in the past. 964 more words


One Line Sunday- The sun

The sun decided to pay us a visit today, which means November is not as bad as you think.


One Line Sunday- Winter is coming

Even if I’ve already seen the 4th season of Game of Thrones, I might watch it again when it will be shown on Finnish TV next month with subtitles.


Oracle Label Security Part 3: Adding a UI

If you’ve been following along in our series of Oracle Label Security posts (Part 1, Part 2) you should now have a table of ‘documents’ that depending on the users permission will return different sets of documents. 929 more words


OLS Progress Pull 11/6

Hello everyone,

As you know our next OLS progress pull is happening on Thursday, November 6th. Any progress you have made up until midnight on November 6th will count toward you progress pull grades. 181 more words


One Line Sunday- Horoscope

This week my horoscope says I will be invited to an event that will change my life and my reply is, yeah right.

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